Brrrrrrr It Can Get Cold At Lake Bronson! ~ By Tom ~

Oh me oh my can it get cold at Bronson Lake.  We nearly froze last night and even Emma was chilled to the bone.  The temps got down to 45 degrees which isn’t bad when sleeping in a king size bed but in a tent when you aren’t expecting it is another thing.  Oh well we survived and it made us dig out the cold weather clothes we brought thanks to Audrey insisting we do.  It wasn’t long after we woke that the temps began climbing to a high of 72 degrees.  It was an absolutely perfect day for travel.  So once again we were packed, showered and back on the roadways to where we didn’t know.  Our goal was to try and reach North Dakota but we have quickly learned the final destination was anyone’s guess and not one of particular care because we both had smiles from ear to ear, lol.  We were in constant awe as we drove as to how beautiful the country side is in this region.  The land is flat and the roadways as straight as arrows with acres and acres of farm land being tilled by massive pieces of equipment.  We would often come across acres and acres of sun flowers at the end of their season and ready for being processed into sunflower oil, seed and various other uses, and some of the most beautiful farm land anyone could imagine.  Then there was the vast numbers of wind mill turbines that dotted the fields each making a soft, rhythmic swooshing sound as they spun like propellers by the gentle winds blowing their massive fins.  What an incredible energy source and one of mixed sentiments depending who we talked with or the signage we passed along the way.  We were both amazed at how we kept traveling but encountered no little towns.  Now this was fun until I looked down at the gas gauge and noted we were on a quarter of a tank.  For a brief moment we wondered if we would find a gas station but somehow knew we would, well at least we hoped we would, lol.  Then, there it was… a town.  We both breathed a sigh of relief knowing triple A would take days to get to us which meant one of us was gonna draw the short straw and have to hoof it to find a gas station, lol.  After gassing up it was time for some food so we drove through the streets of this small little hamlet of Cando, ND with a population of around 1600 people.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

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