The Turtles Give Birth ~ By Tom ~

Wow, we were so excited to hear from our friend Cassie back home whom we met one evening when we were our walking Emma.  That night much to our surprise we stumbled on a mature snapping turtle in the process of digging a nest to lay her eggs.

  Cassie, Audrey and neighbors Pete and Kendra watched as momma turtle laid about 25 to 30 eggs.  As each one came out she gently used her back feet to guide the egg down into the hole and positioned it amongst the others.  What a miraculous sight to behold.  Well the other night Cassie called to announce we (Cassie, Audrey, Pete, Kendra and me) were surrogate parents.  The baby turtles dug their way up from their nest and paraded one by one down the path to Black Creek.  I don’t know who was hooting and hollering most, Cassie or Audrey and me.  At any rate what an experience to behold.  You’ll have to tune in next month when Audrey will put together the video of the grand event.  In the meantime, here are some photo’s.  Thanks Cassie.


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8 thoughts on “The Turtles Give Birth ~ By Tom ~

  1. Hi Sandy! I can’t tell you the joy I am feeling hearing from you! You are so often in my thoughts and prayers. What if corrections called and wanted you to come back to work?? Lol, lol! Hope to hear more from you on our site.


  2. Hey Tom et al. I am nostalgic reading about your travels. Reminds me of the road trips that I took with my sister. Have been enjoying your articles and pics. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Take care Sandy


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