Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard Part 17 ~ Snapping Turtle Anniversary ~

Hello everyone and welcome to part 17 of “Rochester, NY – Our Back Yard” in our continuing exploration around our home town.

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of a miracle of nature we happened to stumble upon while on one of our evening walks and wanted to share that very special moment with you once again.

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We hope you have enjoyed this video and look forward  to seeing you next time for more of USA Through Our Eyes.


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45 thoughts on “Rochester, NY – Our Back-Yard Part 17 ~ Snapping Turtle Anniversary ~

  1. Thank you Kally. Wasn’t that something to stumble on something like this and to be able to record and share it with everyone too. It was a special moment seeing her lay those eggs like that and then to see them hatch and come out of the hole.

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  2. Nature sure is amazing isn’t it. So many great questions posed. I think we do have a lot of great instincts but they often get crusted over by the world through time. I think true growth comes when we begin to step back from the worlds influences and begin asking the great questions of “why”…. “why” do I do this or that… because of the world… because my parents told me too… or is it because its right.

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  3. Thanks for the follow-up. Nature is simply amazing, isn’t it?. How did the babies know which way to travel? Gravity? Then how did mama turtle know to travel uphill to lay the eggs so that the babies could travel downhill?

    I sure wish humans had those kinds of instincts for survival – or maybe we do but all has been corrupted by the over-emphasis on money as a survival.

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  4. Thanks Madelyn. The place she laid the eggs was uphill about 50 feet from the Black Creek where we presume she lived. She had to tread through a lot of underbrush to get to where she laid the eggs which was about 10 feet from the residences in the back part of the complex. After laying the eggs she began her journey back to the creek. The eggs were buried in about 8 inches of dirt that had to have gotten packed down over the months they were in the ground. The babies had to climb up through the dirt then make their way 10 feet to the hill that leads to the creek that momma traveled. We can’t imagine what a journey that had to have been. Would love to know the number that made it. Cassie, the girl that lives there just happened to be there when we video taped the laying of eggs and she also happened to be there as the babies were coming up out of the ground. When she called she was watching as they made there way into the underbrush.

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  5. AMAZING video or something most of us have never witnessed personally – and certainly not in close up. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I wonder what happens when the eggs hatch under all that dirt – and so close to the road. Surely the baby turtles will need water, unless the grass yields enough for their needs — or do you think mama turtle believed she was laying them close to a stream?

    Fascinating to watch – I feel blessed.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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  6. We are so glad you enjoyed it Ann. We couldn’t believe it was a year ago when we stumbled upon it. We wonder if the momma will come back to the same spot again? We are keeping an eye out in case she does.

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  7. It was such a special moment. Growing up in the Adirondacks and always exploring the outdoors this is the first for us to witness. Goes to show you never know what will be out there, lol. So glad you found it pleasing.


  8. Thank you. It was such a beautiful experience. It was funny to think as we walked by the place recently and realizing it happened a year ago. A whole year has past…. wow life if just a breath isn’t it.

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