Met Some Awesome Folks at the Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground ~ By Tom ~

What a great experience at this place.  Woke up to a beautiful sunrise that seemed to increase with each cup of camp stove java

.  There was a stream of friendly campers on their way to their morning showers that stopped to chat about a plethora of topics.  It is so neat hearing the views of the people that just doesn’t seem to transcend itself in the news media.  Everyone seemed to be very frustrated with the direction of our great country and how what is right for the country is lost in what is good for the political party. It was a delight to see that after briefly expressing their frustration of politics the attention shifted to the glorious sights Michigan has to offer.  Tammy Leonard was at the campground in her Coachman Camper meeting up with friends she had worked with all her life before retiring (insert photo 9/7 #0284, #0283, #0282).  We were so impressed with her story of courage, independence, perseverance and abundant JOY.  She shared parts of her story with us and it was just enough to feel we had just found a new friend that we’ll be in contact with for days ahead.  Then happened along Bernie Beckett with his springer spaniel and another friendship developed.  Before you know it Bernie, Tammy, Audrey and I were swapping stories and places being recommended for us to stop at before leaving Michigan.  It was great to see Emma and the Springer Spaniel swapping stories of their own.  We figured it was our turn for a shower and after getting all cleaned up we met another awesome couple, Rock & Peggy Campbell, from Hudsonville, MI (insert 9/7 photo #0288, #0287).  What a great, happy Christian couple with an interesting story.  Rock teaches at a Christian School and the both of them are actively involved in different mission projects.  It was so nice before getting on the road that we huddled in prayer to our God that makes all things possible.


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11 thoughts on “Met Some Awesome Folks at the Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground ~ By Tom ~

  1. This is awesome that you stayed there too on one of your adventures. So true about the interesting people one gets to meet at campgrounds. In our travels we meet folks that even today we correspond with and would never have known them any other way. So nice having you along with us, thanks!

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