I’m Feeling Like Rin Tin Tin ~ By Emma ~

I am really digging this ride along thing I’m escorting my peoples on.  It’s way better than “kibbles and bits”.  I’m a little too young to have been around when Rin Tin Tin was one of the most popular television shows back in the 50’s but I’ve overheard my people daddy talking about the series after watching me with my head out the window as we were driving down the highway.  He remarked I resembled Rin Tin Tin (the German Sheppard) that was often seen on the chuck wagon as it was flying down the trail being chased by bandits and his jowls were flapping and the drool was flowing.  Well, that’s me for sure.  You canines out there I’m sure can relate to that feeling of the wind in your face and a bug or two flying right in your mouth while your singing “past the teeth and over the gums look out stomach here they come”, WOL, WOL.  I heard one of my doggie buddies back in Michigan tell me that that’s why he eats lots of grass when walking his peoples cuz it clears the digestive tract from all the bugs ya swallow.  Just don’t let it happen on the couch cuz that really upsets the peoples, WOL. 

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit behind on my d’loging but we have been so busy meeting new peoples and hearing their stories.  I really loved the other morning when my peoples were kicken’ the cat with Tammy and Bernie and met the Springer Spaniel taking his people Bernie for a morning walk.

Emma and her friend the Springer Spaniel
Emma and her friend the Springer Spaniel

Well this Springer Spaniel and I had a lot in common!  Do you know why?  Well let me bark it to you this way, they like me are known for flushing and retrieving game and are also a very affectionate breed.  Did he have some great bird stories and I learned a thing or two about how to hold a bird when you catch it so the feathers don’t tickle your throat.  Then there was the cute little Chihuahua that was in the campsite next to ours in Michigan.  I didn’t know it but they are named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico.  I wonder if Mr. Trump builds the wall if I’ll be able to visit his brothers and sisters. I liked the little guy but he sure was a yapper.  At first he scared me with all his barking but quickly realized he was all bark and no bite, WOL.  I have really been enjoying meeting these new dawgs and exchanging stories.  The boy dogs have really taken a shine to me and asked if I had some pics of me.  Well let me tell you… I sure do!!!! I have a bunch of them from previous glam shots I’ve done and if you like this one let me know and I’ll put some other ones in a post for you to check out okay.

Emma in her tu-tu
Emma in her tu-tu

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22 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Like Rin Tin Tin ~ By Emma ~

  1. Woof, Woof, and Woof. 3 men taking me on tour….wow. This would be so much fun and I’d get to hear your people mommy play the ukulele as we play? Woofety do da, woofety do day oh me oh my what a wonderful day.

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  2. Hey, Emma, our person left her computer for a few minutes and the three of us read your blog and looked at your picture. If you ever want a guided tour of our back yard, on the swamp, we’re the men for you! Keep writing! xo Max the Rottie xo RockStar the Pit-Chi and xo Bandit the Toy Fox Terrier ❤

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  3. Dear Emma, take care for eating burdies, don’t believe the Spaniel, let you’re mammie and daddy cook it first, no feathers at all. It is nice to read what you do on some trips, my mother is walking with me and I like it to hunt cats, only for the fun of it. Love en greetings, Mandy.

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