Hello Ann and Maureen at Chili Fitness Center ~ By Tom ~

I can’t believe how quickly time has passed since we left home on September 1st so I want to step back in time for a moment.  As we were about to leave town on September 1st I remembered promising Ann at Chili Fitness Center that I would let her know when I would be leaving.  When she first heard about our trip she was so excited for us.  It worked out well because Audrey got a chance to meet Ann along with Maureen the owner.  It was great seeing their excitement and knowing they would be following our blog.  I have been exercising at this gym for a couple of years now and highly recommend it to anyone wanting a place to work out and get in shape.  I’ll see you both soon and hope to hear from you on our website.  Feel free to share the website with those at the gym that might be interested.


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