Emma Liking This Camping Thing ~ By Emma ~

Wolf Lake CampgroundLast night we drove only a short while cuz we was all pretty tuckered out from the night before.  My peoples thought it a good idea to find a site early and relax a bit.  Around 4 we called the place we figured on staying but they were all booked up being it was Labor Day weekend.  I guess my peoples didn’t figure that into the equation being they are retired that Labor Day weekends are one of the busiest days for campgrounds.  They offered a site the size of the backseat I was riding in but my people daddy said “no thank you”.  I think we were all a bit nervous it would have been déjà vu from the KOA the night before.  I was a little worried but my people daddy said God will provide one just down the road.  Weeee doggy did God provide.  I Like This Hat!This picture of me in front of our site here at “Wolf Lake Campground” Muskegon Michigan shows how relaxed I am.  I guess this worked out well cuz as you can see by the pics this place is AWESOME.  They got chickens running around everywhere, big dogs and little dogs, kats, and the owner is gonna show us later her menagerie of animals including elk, fawns, and other critters.  Weee doggy this place is a paradise this side of heaven.


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