Wolf Lake Campground, Muskegon Michigan ~ By Tom ~

Emma Contemplating LifeAfter leaving Petersburg, Michigan we headed north west to connect with route 22 which is a roadway Dani and Trent recommended back at Crystal Rock Campground.  The sights were awesome along the winding roadways and the car was filled with laughter.  Audrey’s map skills were no less than extraordinaire!  Along the WayShe picked routes that were picturesque and focused.  You’ll have to check out her post for some great photos and video.  After traveling a few hours, it was time to find a place to pitch tent for the night and again this was a feat given that it’s the holiday weekend.  After several calls and scans on google nothing showed up.  Again, God showed Himself and we found this amazing place called “Wolf Lake Campground ” alsoView From The Shore.  We were met by Pam, the owner’s daughter and what a fantastic person.  She was so accommodating and after hearing about our camp ground experiences said she had just the site for us.  Sure enough it was outstanding.  I cannot say enough about this awesome campground. It’s quiet, it’s private, it’s clean and the way it’s laid out you wouldn’t think it was a campground but rather a wilderness setting.  We enjoyed it so much we decided to stay two nights.  After showering we headed into the nearby town for breakfast where we found Granny’s Griddle and some awesome food and service to match.  Then it was back here and to our delight had the chance to meet the owners of the campground, Ron and Joan.  We started talking and didn’t stop for at least 2 hours.  Ron and Joan with GranddaughterThis man has so much character, wisdom and integrity all wrapped with a humbleness rarely seen these days.  These characteristics were complimented by his bride, Joan.  We walked away so refreshed to see embodied in this couple what this great country was founded on.  This place is one on our “come back list” and I hope anyone reading this will check them out.


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19 thoughts on “Wolf Lake Campground, Muskegon Michigan ~ By Tom ~

  1. We are glad you are at least getting to experience the camping world through our travels. We so enjoy being out in the elements to see Gods handiwork. Things will slow down for you once you complete your tours of duty.


  2. Sounds like a beautiful place. I love being outside with nature. I’ve only gone camping once, but when things finally slow down we plan to do more of it. This is definitely inspiration to get out and go camping!

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  3. Isn’t it the greatest when you stumble on an out of the way eatery that from the outside you wonder what’s on the inside. Once inside however the food makes you want to keep returning time and time again. The chain places are okay but we like the character of the ones off the beaten path. We just found a little out of the way Mexican place on our way through PA that was out of this world. We’ll be posting about it soon. Hope you come back to hear about it.

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  4. Wow, Debbie. We were there a week and could have spent several more with all the area had. Like you we only saw cities in our minds eyes. Isn’t it great when we get out and learn that our mind is sometimes wrong, lol. Its like when we were about to go through Alabama and wonder, yeah right what is possible interesting here, only to discover so many wonderful places. Keep us posted on your MI trip.

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  5. When my husband said he’d like to spend a month exploring Michigan, all I saw were cities in my mind’s eye! Oh but there is so much to see! How much will we be able to see in a month-as is our hope!

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  6. Hi Debbie. Isn’t it great to learn from others and link together to make our experiences better. We didn’t know what to expect in that State but were we ever wonderfully surprised. It is so beautiful.

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  7. Reblogged this on Tech Chodi and commented:
    Well although my blog relates to technology and computers, USA is a country I really adore. Being able to view it through someones eyes is something we can just imagine. Sharing the post 🙂

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