Where It All Began – 01 of 14

While we’re on our next adventure exploring the area around Lancaster, PA, we thought it might be fun to share some of the stories from our first journey– where it all began.

 We began our first journey through the country back in September 2016 tent camping along the way out of our 2002 Toyota Camry. We found some great pet friendly campgrounds along the way. In our travels through Michigan, we stumbled upon Wolf Lake Campground after being turned away from a few others that were full for this Labor Day weekend. Here’s the story links of our time at this peaceful place.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

15 thoughts on “Where It All Began – 01 of 14

  1. You are so kind and your words fill us with joy. It is so nice to be able to discover so many wonderful people like you to learn from and share with. Rest and we excitingly await your return to share your knowledge of the art world with us.

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  2. well I actually started reading the posts in order this time – (sometimes I read in reverse) – and so now I am on the others…
    but wanted to say that I am glad God led you guys to start blogging – because the blogosphere is better with you all in it.

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  3. It must be difficult on the Amish as the area grows in tourism. Their population has tripled over the past few years in that region. The outer areas are still quiet with wide open farm fields. So pretty.

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  4. Thank you Aya. Yes, the two of us and Emma, had quite the experience traveling across the states in our 2002 Toyota camry. Wolf Lake was great. They had an animal sanctuary there that only a few were privileged to see (us one of them).


  5. It is so beautiful but wow the visitors are everywhere. It was great during the weekdays there but weekends we stayed well away of the main areas. The back roads are fabulous with scenery that takes your breath away. We encountered so, so, so many incredible people while there. How many years ago were you there?

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  6. Hello there. We thank you so much for the nomination acknowledging our site. At this time though we would like to humbly decline with so many things going on. We have been following your site and just tonight we were smiling at some of your postings. You do great video work. Have you been doing it long?

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