We’re A Family Now! ~by Emma~

Tom, Audrey & Emma
Tom, Audrey & Emma.

Okay, here we are just a day away from leaving and I need to bring you peoples up to full speed here before getting in the car tomorrow.  After all there is a lot of things to see and smell on the road these next few weeks and I don’t want to bore ya with silly human love stories, wol, wol.  So anyway, one day we were walking and I spotted this people tommie sitting on his patio and realized it was now or never for them to meet.  So I tugged her with all I had in this petite little chocolate body toward him.  Then it happened.  My people mommie Audrey saw this new people tommie and the birds began to fly (that’s dog talk for “sparks began to fly).  It seemed from that day 9 months ago the two of them have not stopped talking for a minute.  This people man tommie asked my people mommie Audrey to marry him and asked if he could adopt me.  Well there you have it. We are a family now and I spend my days keeping my peoples, mommie Audrey and daddy Tommie taking me on long walks and playing in the park and oh, don’t forget, playing chase the bone, wol.  I got a few more great stories to tell you about my peoples but you’ll have to keep signing back in for the details.  I can’t wait to tell you the time my people mommie took me out to play chase the bone.  It’s a hoot and I think you’ll love it. Anyway I’ll bark at ya later.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

5 thoughts on “We’re A Family Now! ~by Emma~

  1. It’s how I wake her up in the morning – I jump on her stomach and then hop to the pillow and chomp on her hair. Then she plays hide and seek and puts her head under the covers and the real games begin. I always manage to get her downstairs to feed us really early.

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  2. Woooooofeee. Just knowing you red it makes me howl with fond memories. I keep my peoples rounded up and as you know being the lovin creatures we were designed to be its hard at times to luv some peoples. Maybe biten your people mom ain’t a good idea. Won’t she shush you away?

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