Launching Out. ~By Audrey & Tom~

Well, the big day is upon us to embark on a journey that many have dreamed of and few have undertaken.  For us, this has been a dream deep within but often fraught with excuses and fears delaying the process.  It is amazing when you think that we conceived this idea on July 15th and here we are about to get in the car.  We don’t know what we’ll experience along the way but are sure it will be met with mind changing sights, sounds and experiences that will be wonderful, exciting and beautiful.  Why not… Audrey, Emma and I have become best friends and we’ll be embarking on a dream and there ain’t nothing better than that now is there?    Many of you have chartered these roads before us and we look forward to hearing your responses to our posts.  There is great comfort knowing we will be accompanied by family, friends and acquaintances, prayers and good wishes.  I hope you will be patient as we post Articles, Links, Pictures, Videos, Quotes and Sounds of what lies outside our zip code.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

5 thoughts on “Launching Out. ~By Audrey & Tom~

  1. good evening kids..this is Tammy from this am..the lady with the Witch Motorhome… I have an update on the Falls you will wish to visit..Bond Falls..about 34 miles south of ONTANOGON..very near where the Paulding Lights show up at night. Enjoy your experience…you 3 are so brave…and free


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