I’m A Matchmaker! ~by Emma~

Emma Gazing.
Emma Gazing.

Hi there again. Let me bring you up to date here on a couple things.  I adopted my people mommie Audrey back awhile ago just before she headed off to college for another piece of paper called parchment and I don’t think it’s a piece of paper she’ll let me chew on, wol.  Anyway this piece of paper was granted after she completed a lot of time taking pictures, writing papers and a bunch of other things that really interrupted our time together but she kept being a great single people mommie while she was doing it.  Even though she would get home people tired (humans call it dog tired for reasons I can’t explain cuz dogs don’t get tired, people get tired) at night she would love on me and take me for walks and tell me how pretty I was.  My people mommy is one special person.  I could see though that she needed a companion in her life that would walk along side of her like I do and she could bring along on walks with me too.  Well, ya see we moved to this place where we now live about 15 months ago.  Little did my people mommie know but I had been sniffing for a long while for just the right people man that would love her like she loves me.  Then it happened, I spotted him.  He lived just a couple doors away from my people mommy Audrey’s home and he smelled good to me.  Now, each morning I would take my people mommie on her walk and it took all I had in my little 54 pound body to get her to walk by this guy’s place. I could see him sitting on his patio and I could see him checking my people mommie Audrey out in a nice way.  You’ve heard the term “dog sense” well I know they use that phrase for a reason cuz us dawgs have a lot of dawg sense if only peoples realized it.  Anyway I had dog sense this was the right people man that I could train to be a good friend to my people mommie Audrey.  Well I gotta go now its time to take my peoples for their morning walk and listen in on all the things we’re gonna do on this adventure we are going on.  We’ll bark later, ah, I mean talk later.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

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