Where To From Here

Hello and welcome back. For those of you that have begun following us again or are new may wonder where we are going from here with USA Through Our Eyes or what direction our blog will take in the future. Well the direction we will be taking is to continue to share stories of our travels but focus more on the people we meet along the way and their stories. This was our initial goal posted on our “About” page. We will share these stories on the USA Through Our Eyes BlogVimeo  or Audrey’s  Instagram.

We hope you enjoy the stories yet to come.

  1. Prior...

    Hi – congrats on your blog success and the latest update.
    hope to stay connected in 2019 (couple months off but will be here very soon)


  2. Heide

    I have no doubt I will enjoy ANYTHING you post — whether its reminiscing about your travels, or showing us a bit about your life back home. Let the (blogging) adventure continue!

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      • Heide

        I’m so glad my comments have been encouraging … because I think your photos and writing are outstanding! And I do hope you’ll stick with your blog, if only for yourself. I didn’t have hardly any subscribers for the first five or six years, but I still treasure going back and reading those old posts. It’s like your own personal time machine!

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