“Amazing Grace Through Hurricane Michael”

Good morning to everyone and welcome back to our blog site. As we noted in a previous post our new direction for USAThroughOurEyes.com will be sharing stories of our travels with the focus on the people we meet along the way and their stories.

Today’s post is about a family within the community of Marianna, Florida that was ravaged by hurricane Michael, Florida’s most recent storm. This particular story touched us on an even more personal level because as some of you know we recently moved here from New York State, which is more known for major storms of bitter cold and one to three feet of snow. Our only past experience with a hurricane had been through the eyes of family members living in this area.

What we found most remarkable about this story is how this family, completely taken off guard yet strongly grounded in God faced this storm head on and although its devastation shook them to their foundation it did not in the least topple their faith. In fact, we learned through the precious gift they gave us in allowing this video to be created, that they grew stronger in their faith. Their optimism can be seen throughout this video culminating with the husband noting how many people would probably say the neighborhood would never be the same, yet he remarks “…it will be beautiful in a different way…”.

It is our hope you enjoy this video. You can also visit USA Through Our Eyes on our Vimeo site by clicking “Amazing Grace Through Hurricane Michael”. On our Vimeo site, you will also be able to view other video stories we have created.

Thank you once again for following along.


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12 thoughts on ““Amazing Grace Through Hurricane Michael”

  1. Thank you Theresa! You always give us strength and encouragement. It was a happen stance moment that brought us all together. My son Alex from NY connected with some fellow tree workers from North Carolina and we all met up in Marianna at this families home that was ravaged by hurricane Michael. As we began talking with them a friendship grew that remains to this day. It was an inspiration for us to see them go through such devastation and yet maintain such a strong faith. We have since been back many times to see the community come together and overcome heartache. Isn’t it a wonderful testimony and one of millions that makes this such a wonderful country! We’ll be doing follow-up on them as the days come.

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  2. Powerful video here, it’s the power of the individual voices telling their story. I loved that you didn’t narrate, you just let them tell their experience. So impactful. Wondering: how did you happen to meet them? I don’t know my panhandle geography so well, is Marianna next to Tallahassee? Would love to hear how you met them. 🙂 – And, you-all were okay in this hurricane?


  3. What a poignant video and an example to us all of “standing firm” (as Ephesians 6 tells us to do) when the trials of life come our way. Thank you for sharing this family’s story here. ✝️

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  4. Thank you for your kind words!!! Alex, the handsome young man that is your new grandson is the one 4th from left to right in the final scene of the crew! We too enjoyed our fellowship time on Thanksgiving. Always a joy to share time with you!


  5. Beautifully done!!! And I love the circular logo! So which worker is my new grandson? When you wrote about it being more personal, I thought you were going to mention his being part of the clean-up crew.

    It was such a gift to be with you yesterday and enjoy the fruits of your labor. I had a turkey sandwich on one of the rolls last night and I am looking forward to a left-over dinner today. Thanks again for all your TLC!

    Love, Mom >


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