Journey Through North Carolina – Part 14

Hello and welcome to part 14 of our journey through North Carolina.

As we traveled along the Blue Ridge Parkway we had opportunity to pull over and watch a huge storm passing in the distance.  It was so beautiful sitting there seeing how dramatic nature can be.

(To view the video, click in the image above.)

Well this is it for today.  We hope you come back and see how the trip unfolds as we share more of USA Through Our Eyes.  Until then be safe.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

49 thoughts on “Journey Through North Carolina – Part 14

  1. Logan we so appreciate your appreciation of our site. We haven’t really ever gone down that road. We are just so tickled to have folks like you following us and that is the greatest award. There are so many folks out there that we couldn’t really name just one. We just know the ones that are with us on our journeys leave comments that are so kind. We see your site is growing so wonderfully.

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  2. Very dramatic. I dreamed about a wonderful rainstorm last night. Sadly, we are still bone-dry here. 🙂 In fact, they’re predicting Seattle is going toward more dry in the summer and more wet (even) in the winters. Hmmm.

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  3. This is so great to finally know your real name. We have wondered so many times but didn’t want to come right out and ask and have you feel like you were on the spot. We have been enjoying your post for quite some time now and like how you bring out wonderful stories of people in your area. It is so nice to be able to share journeys with you.

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  4. LOL. It was fun creating this first time experience with time lapse. We took about 30 stills thinking that was enough but as you can see distilled its only 25 seconds. We are loving the learning experience.


  5. Its okay to take the well deserved breaks from blogging everyday. When we first started we were doing 2 – 4 post a day and it catches up with you and burns out the followers who are reading hundreds of comments and post of their followers. We had to keep reminding ourselves this is about having fun. Its not a sprint, its a marathon. Having run a few of them I learned its about pacing oneself. You’ll get the hang of it. All your readers aren’t going anywhere especially us, lol.

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  6. We thought you had disappeared and are glad to know you are okay. Its good to take breaks from the blog and see the surrounding you are in. There will be plenty of time to blog after the experiences. Sometimes when we’re on the road we’ll go several days before we get a chance to catch up. The main thing is you are staying safe and having fun. Make every moment count and try to bring a smile to at least one person a day, lol.

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  7. Hello USA through our eyes! so glad to read onother one of your posts agian! sadly I have not blogged in 2 WEEKS so I havent been able to enjoy your adventure with you. Great video, I very much hope I will be able to read some more great work from you later tonight as I review what I have missed!

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  8. Isn’t it incredible Karen. It was our first attempt at time lapse. We shot about 30 still images, 15 seconds apart and seamed them together to get that tiny video. So nice that you made the time to talk with us.


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