Journey Through North Carolina – Part 12

Hello and welcome to part 12 of our journey through North Carolina.

As we continued along the Blue Ridge Parkway we discovered Linville Falls. These falls flow from high on the steep slopes of Grandfather Mountain  in the Appalachians and cascade some 2,000 feet into the gorge below. The Cherokee knew this river as “Eeseeoh” or “river of cliffs” and as we hiked along we could see why it was called this.

(To view the video, click in the image above.)

Well this is it for today.  We hope you come back and see how the trip unfolds as we share more of USA Through Our Eyes.  Until then be safe.


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93 thoughts on “Journey Through North Carolina – Part 12

  1. Love your pictures and the video is great. When I was in Iceland, I was just sitting for long time by the falls and listen to the water …. amazing.

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  2. Thank you Charu. The sites at this place were wonderful. As we hiked up the mountain each step revealed more. It is so great to hear your thoughts about our journey. Be safe.


  3. That is a great saying with much truth, “he who does not risk, does not win”. To think when we get stuck on safe we really are missing out on what lies out on the edge. We are learning there is a lot out there on the edge, lol. Its great sharing adventures with you and listening to your thoughts, Thank You.

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  4. Hi Karen. This is so thoughtful of you to do and what an honor to be considered by someone like yourself that is so accomplished. At this time though we humbly ask your forgiveness for not accepting the nomination. We feel so good about just being connected with so many great bloggers and for us just the mere fact of individuals coming to our site and not just hitting the like button but actually make time to leave comments. This is award enough. We hope you understand?

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  5. This is wonder that you have traveled and can relate to what we are experiencing with the learning process attached to it. Having traveled now you can relay the experiences to you students and who knows what the next chapter of your life will bring with regard to more travels? We’ll check out the link you gave us. It is nice having you along with us to share.

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  6. Yes, I love travelling. I did travel a lot, when I was practicing Civil Engineering, now that I am a professional Technology & Science teacher, my travelling schedule has reduce drastically. I love the statement, … learning about people and places.” That is one of the five points I mentioned on my Guest Post on Millionaire’s Digest:
    Best wishes!

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  7. This is kind of you Peter. Oh yes we sure do enjoy our days traveling and meeting folks and truly learning about people and places. Each place we visit there is the realization that there is good and there is bad and bad can be overcome with good. Do you travel a lot?

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  8. Yes, I know but I just want to express it through another means. Even I know that many ways lead to North Carolina, depending on where you are coming form. Do enjoy your days anywhere you find yourself.

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  9. Thank you Madelyn for your always warm and uplifting words. You are with us even though its only vicariously. The fact is you are and we are thankful for it too. The added bonus is we also get to learn so much from your wonderful and thought provoking studies and works!!!

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  10. North Carolina is such a gorgeous state. You commented that you could have remained for days and my immediate thought was how amazing it is to me that you ever leave *any* of these beautiful places.

    I am so grateful you shared your photos of Linville Falls and Grandfather Mountain (and the video with the soothing sound of rushing water) — and I can almost smell the air. WHAT a great break and an opportunity to get into alignment with nature even though I am still in my office. Thank you.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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  11. This is so kind of you Peter. We must humbly decline though with hope you understand. To us the greatest award is having individuals like yourself that make time to come to our site on a regular basis and share with us their thoughts. In so doing we form relationships that are of the greatest reward.

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  12. Great question. The trails were beautifully groomed with a moderate grade. It seemed as we continued to ascend the views became even more incredible. There was no way our photos could do it justice. The fun part was initially we were right there feeling the rush of water then as we climbed we could zoom out and see where it was coming from. You’ll love it when that times comes for you to visit it.

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  13. Really beautiful, I love the photos and video of this great peace of nature. The Linville Falls are great! It have to amazing to be there, in my fantasy I see the Cherokee praying and dancing. Warm greetings, Ann.

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  14. Dawn you have given us the greatest gift that one could ever hope to hear this side of heaven. Knowing you are along with us and we can share each others journeys is right along side of that greatest gift. As we learn more of you and your journeys it is exciting to see the paths we are taking and how they link together.

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  15. You have the most beautiful blog site I’ve ever seen. Your photos, videos, and writing are amazing. You’re extremely talented and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to experience how you bring beauty to life. Safe travels! Dawn

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