Where It All Began – 13 of 14

While we’re on our next adventure exploring the area around Lancaster, PA, we thought it might be fun to share some of the stories from our first journey – where it all began. 

As we made the eastward part of our journey heading back home, we encountered work happening in the cornfields in Illinois. Tom couldn’t resist. He pulled to the side of the two-lane road we were travelling down, jumped out of the car … for more of this unique story, check out this post. 



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3 thoughts on “Where It All Began – 13 of 14

  1. Thank you Aya. They are an incredible group of hard working folks. We are always in awe of their work ethic and the equipment they play in are amazing. When we were at this site the guy saw us taking pictures from afar and after a bit motioned us to get closer then invited us up close for more intimate shots. We felt so blessed. It was my birthday that day and it was a gift from them to me, lol.

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