I am Amazed Every Time I See Farmers At Work. ~ By Tom ~

Harvesting Corn
Harvesting Corn http://www.usathroughoureyes.com

As we were enjoying the evening ride through the backroads and enjoying the countryside of Minonk, Illinois we stumbled upon an awesome scene that I just couldn’t resist.  Maybe it’s a boyhood thing (or girlhood) but there is something about the majesty of farmers and farm equipment.  I wasn’t sure how to proceed but started taking some pictures and the next thing I know Tony who drives for Ruff Brothers invited me over with a hardy “ya wanna get to up close pictures?  Well, I guess you can figure out what my response was.  Before you know it I’m climbing up the side of the tractor of this 18 wheeler looking down into the trailer box with this huge John Deere 1000 Grain Storm trailer spewing corn into it.  Oh well, I aint ashamed to admit I was excited.  That’s when Nate the owner of the farm and equipment came over.  We talked a bit and then I was on my way.   He shared that the corn was being readied for market to be used to make ethanol which is a big commodity in this area.  Thank you men for letting me look on and learn.


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15 thoughts on “I am Amazed Every Time I See Farmers At Work. ~ By Tom ~

  1. Those are some precious memories for sure. Ma and Pa Farmer lived such a simple yet rich life. I don’t know if he did have a tractor come to think of it. It is so nice to read of these memories and rekindle my thoughts of our days gone bye.


  2. I remember our Great Grandmother and Grand Father, “Ma and Paw Farmer of St. Regis Falls, NY. Everything from the Two Hole outhouse to the smoke filled kitchen with Apple Pies in the oven. I have many of Ma farmers old cook books. I Remember the Geese and Ducks chasing me around the barn yard and the old horse drawn wagon Paw farmer gave us a ride on. It took Pa Farmer longer to hook up the horse than the ride he took us on. I have pictures of my hat filled with barnyard feathers sticking out of it. The stories our mother told about the garden, bee hives, and the Suger Bush remind me of our humble beginnings. I find myself wishing I had a few beehives in my back yard and then my wife reminds me “No Way Honey.” I remember the smells and sounds and the scratchyi/itchey sheets when we spent the night. I know all of us will pass on at some point, however the memories will last for ever. We have come a long way from Pa Farmer shooting a deer from his rocking chair on the back porch to a Green John Deer tractor in the back yard. I don’t remember if Pa Farmer ever had a tractor. Thanks for stiring up some warm fuzzy memories.

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  3. That was a great day Tom and Audrey, nice to read and the photos are stunning. It was a very long journey with a lot of seeing and learning about big America. In the Netherlands they cut the beautiful tulips with such great tractors, The bulbs going all over the world, and I think also to America. Overhere we have also cornfields, but they use it as animal feedingstuffs. To see everything is not so much kilometers as by you and a lot smaller. 😉 Warm greetings, Ann.

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