Journey Out West and Back ~ Day 14 Half Way Point.

Journey Out West and Back ~ Day 14 ~ Half Way Point.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

22 thoughts on “Journey Out West and Back ~ Day 14 Half Way Point.

  1. Thank you Theresa. I think it was the musician Marc Anthony who said “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. We’ve been blessed to have this keep happening with our lives in spite of the valleys, lol.

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  2. You most surely can always ask Theresa. We use Canon DSLR’s (5D Mark 3 & EOS 70 D), various lenses, smart phones (Apple and Droid), Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Premier. We try to get it right through the lens but sometimes we may have to tweak it a little post production. It surely is a learning process for us. We are so appreciative of your interest and that you find them pleasing to view.

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  3. Kudos! May I ask if you use a video editing tool? – and is the video shot using a smart phone, or with a more sophisticated video camera?
    It’s so effective, the way you do videos.! Makes me feel I’m right there.

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  4. Thank you Ann for helping us to know and learn about your Country. It is a place one day we hope to visit but for now can only learn from your descriptions. We have been in Pennsylvania this week and the temps go from 65 F (18) to low of 25 F (-3 C). Buds are starting to pop out as are the daffodils.

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  5. Thanks for you’re nice words, the Netherlands have also a lot of green grass and is flat. Drenthe has more woodland and Limburg more hills, but overhere in Friesland it is flat with a lot of water and grass-land. Ofcorse a lot smaller than by you 😉 Warm greetings for both of you.

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  6. Texas is a place we want to visit soon. We always hear so many great things about it. The openness is so refreshing to us. That’s what we loved about the Dakota’s. It was like someone said to us that once you pass the Mississippi peak everything opens up.


  7. Wow, really. This is interesting. Thank you for helping us see how our area relates to the Netherlands. Since meeting you we have been pouring over tidbits about your area to learn about it but it always helps to have your words because we have a relationship with you.

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  8. Thank you. Yes, isn’t it amazing. As we travel we too see what you are seeing, wide open wilderness. Sometimes we got caught up with thinking there is no more open spaces but discover otherwise when we get out and about.

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