The Encounter – Emma and the Doe

Some moments just remain with you. This was such a moment. It was early morning, November 24th, 2016, cameras in hand that we decided to take a leisurely walk on one of the many trails where we had camped that Thanksgiving week at the Old Forge Campground in Old Forge, NY.  There had been a steady snowfall the night before and the ground was covered with a fresh 12-inch blanket of powdered snow.  We didn’t get far down the trail before we encountered a young female deer.  Emma saw her first and stopped in her tracks staring as this beautiful creature meandering toward us as it nibbled on some of the snow laden limbs that hung low over the trail. We didn’t know what Emma’s or the doe’s reaction would be, so I held Emma’s leash tight and knelt beside her talking softly as the deer continued its slow and steady walk towards us.  We were amazed at how still Emma stood, her eyes and that of the does fixed upon each other even as Audrey began taking photographs.  It was quite an amazing experience – being under the gaze of this doe, trusting as she came closer and closer.  Ultimately, Emma couldn’t contain herself, and in her joyful way began whimpering and fidgeting wanting to jump up and play with her new-found friend.  Even with all this activity the doe no more than 10 feet away remained calm, watching intently.  After about a minute of checking us out she slowly turned and began walking away occasionally looking back at us.

As the doe and we headed our different ways this beautiful winter morning we kept glancing back at her as the distance between us grew.  We couldn’t help but smile as she disappeared in the trees knowing we had just encountered a very special moment in nature between this doe, Emma and us. 

For more of our break with tradition this Thanksgiving weekend, visit our post “Our Decision On What to Do About Thanksgiving – Part 2”.


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43 thoughts on “The Encounter – Emma and the Doe

  1. Animals have a great sense of love for each other. You are lucky to experience it in front of your eyes. Your words brought the exact picture in front of my eyes ..

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  2. We thought that doe would have naturally run away. Instead it just kept coming. Its funny because Emma kept hiding behind my leg like a 3 year old child. Then she started whimpering. Often have said the same about the thoughts going on inside an animals brain, lol.

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  3. Here’s an Emma post! I added it to Tink’s “Related Content” list. I’m sure I will find others as time permits.

    I can’t believe that doe didn’t bolt the minute her nose picked up Emma’s scent. Don’t you wish we could read the thoughts in their furry heads?

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  4. I agree and animals do pick up on our temperament. One of my friends has called me an animal whisperer several times as I had a deer pass me on the trail and just walked past me as if I was one of them. Another Marmot sat right next to me to feed and obviously didn’t mind me either.
    Sitting at the beach, all of a sudden a strange dog is sitting next to me just chilling out starring into the distance with me and things like these happen all the time.
    So glad as well to have come across you. Thank you for taking the time and for stopping by.

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  5. I believe you are correct. We certainly were at peace and it was so cool to watch the deer just mosey on up to us. There were also other encounters that morning with other deer. Animals are interesting barometers of peoples temperaments. There are so many studies supporting their sensitivity to human emotions. So glad to have you along on our journey.

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  6. Beautiful and I had similar encounters where animal were at peace and totally ok with my presence. I believe taget sense our own energy and don’t feel a threat, just like dogs often take on the temperament of their owners. Loved the story, thank you for sharing.

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  7. Thank you. Emma was so funny. She was trying so hard to contain herself as she let out these soft squeals. Under her excitement though was a tinge of fear at this taller hairy creature strutting the fact this was her woods and not Emmas but was willing to share , lol.

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  8. Oh how special! Emma was so good. We moved last year and one of the perks of the new house is that there is a deer thoroughfare in the back of the house. Never had that before, now we spend a lot of time just watching those beautiful creatures.

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  9. the slide show was a perfect way to end the post. because as i read, I was wondering about a bit more… and then you gave it to us.

    and usually these beauties get so easily spooked – and to think that even with a dog around the doe was so chill…..

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