Perils of Lake Effect Snow ~ Day 22

The last leg of our journey to Florida and back brings us back where it all began ~ in the snow. As described in the earlier post, it was just a bit treacherous.


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37 thoughts on “Perils of Lake Effect Snow ~ Day 22

  1. Thank you Dodaj. When I looked up that regions it was interesting we were experiencing the same temps and precipitation. So glad you are following along and we can learn about your area as we share ours.

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  2. woof, woof on dat. Dem lak effekt mak me wanna curl upz wit my Nyla bone and wait for da sun to shine. Dats happy to me. Woof woof for now. Keep wach over dem peoples, they get confuzed easily.


  3. hello audrey its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay wow layk effekt snow!!! my dada sez that wen they livd in the mithikal land of noo york they wer in a layk effekt band and wood be gitting blizzards wen nobuddy else in the areea wuz gitting enny snow at all and that he has menny happy memreez of going owt at fore am to run the snow blower on the trakter!!! i think he is maybe not shoor wot the wurd happy meens!!! ha ha ok bye

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  4. Hi Robbi. What an honor to be nominated by such an esteemed creative artist like you. We humbly decline however as we continue to watch and grow from so many great bloggers we are discovering. Perhaps in the future, should the offer re-surface, we’ll consider.


  5. We had just got off 244 and on to route 90. It hugs the shore line so the storms dump a lot along that corridor. The only other choice were back roads and they were in a lot worse shape. It was fun driving in it and there was a great stream of cars and trucks taking their time with us which made for comfort. Of course there were a few that had those invincible vehicles, (lol) but we would find them a little ways ahead taking a break in one of the snow banks, safe, but a little frustrated.

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