The Journey to Florida and Now Back To Home – day 22

Day 22 – Madison, OH to Rochester, NY

Hello everyone.  January 7th, Saturday and day 22 of our journey back home.  After a couple hours sleep in the Flying J parking lot along side several other travelers it was time to get back on the road.  We filled our coffee cups and we were off.  I’d say about 8 inches of snow had fallen through the night so once on the highway we pulled in behind a tractor trailer doing 40 miles per hour and kept followed slipping and sliding to keep Daisy between the snow banks.  That truck driver was an awesome person to follow.  He didn’t let anyone push him.  It was sad though to see so many people in a hurry passing and then coming upon them a ways further up off to the side buried in a pile of snow with a crinkled fender and I’m sure bruised egos.  We maintained our slow but steady pace until around Buffalo when the roadways cleared up and we were able to accelerate and maintain the speed limit right on into Rochester, surprisingly wide awake.

What a journey, wow, what a haul!  We left DeSoto State Park Friday, January 6th around 10 a.m. and arrived home Saturday, January 7th at 1:39 p.m.   We covered 906 miles in 19 hours.  Wow, once we our heads hit the pillow we sure did sleep well and long.

Our 22 day journey that began Saturday, December 17th, 2016 in Rochester, NY to Tallahassee Florida and back January 7th, 2017 covered 3,690 miles.  What an experience this was in learning about the states we traveled through and about ourselves and about each other.  Priceless moments.

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We hope to be seeing you soon to follow our adventures.


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29 thoughts on “The Journey to Florida and Now Back To Home – day 22

  1. I love your attitude on life!! ❤ Keep up the positivity and thank you for liking my blog! 😀 Meeting people in person is the best thing instead of relying on the media, good for you!!

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  2. Thank you Jennifer. It has been so much fun getting up and going. For so many years all the responsibilities of life, most of them self imposed, begin to erode the inner dreams and desires to explore. We made a conscious decision to put down the remote control of seeing life through the medias eyes and check it out in person. We are learning so much talking with people on our travels and their willingness to allow us to share their stories is even greater. You too will one day be ready to get out and explore so just be patient until that time because it will come. When it does, seize it, lol. In the mean time keep looking up and moving forward one step at a time. You and your site is an inspiration to us!!!!!!

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  3. Yes, in our travels truck drivers have our respect. Sometimes we don’t see the same respect shown them by automobiles. I have spent a lot of time in the Binghamton area and have always enjoyed that area. We are please to meet you and know that you have shared our post.

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  4. Wow I loved reading about you trip! It seems like you had so much fun and were able to experience a lot of amazing things during the drive 🙂 I drove across the country last summer, but I am thinking of driving up and down the east coast within the next few months! I will definitely be taking your experiences into consideration when we go.

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  5. I’m so sorry! But, have you ever noticed that when you love a food, for instance, and everything it comes near you, your heart beats!

    I am having this feeling right now! Look at you said:

    “You have touched us in so many ways.”

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  6. You are so very welcome! Awwww! Thank you! But, really. I love your words! Your words just move you know! Look at this:

    “We maintained our slow but steady pace ” only a true writer could write like this!

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  7. WOW! I would like you to know that you have some beautiful lines.

    1- “What a journey, wow, what a haul! ”
    2-We maintained our slow but steady pace until around Buffalo when the roadways cleared up and we were able to accelerate and maintain the speed limit right on into Rochester, surprisingly wide awake.

    Congratulation! You were born to be a writer! Keep writing!

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  8. I’ve enjoyed the travel journal and would love to visit a number of the parks you mentioned. I’ve never seen the van-like camper. Looks easier to drive (outside of in the snow) than one of those big RVs. Thanks for sharing your trip!

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  9. Yesssss it was a long day behind the wheel. Good companionship, good munchies, lots of coffee, windows open, windows closed and music and more music and oh don’t forget lots of singing. You kinda get in the groove and keep going. You too can do it. Keep us posted.

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  10. 906 miles, wow! We’ll be trying to cram 800 miles into one driving day later this summer, so we’re always interested in hearing how other drivers keep their energy levels up. Glad you made it home safe and sound!

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