The Journey to Florida and now back toward home – day 19

Day 19 – Mexico Beach, FL to Troy, AL.

Hello everyone.  It was January 4th, Wednesday and day 19 of our journey to Florida and now back home.  We woke at Rustic Sands Campground in Mexico Beach, FL to a light fog and temperatures around 60 degrees.  This was a great little place to stay.  After leisurely sipping a couple cups of coffee and eating a few muffins, we got our showers and headed down the road.

Looking back we laugh at how Audrey noted when looking at the map that we were going through Alabama and remarked “what’s there in Alabama”, lol.  Well, weren’t we in for the surprise of our lives.  Alabama is an amazing state.  Goes to show you must get out and see for yourselves the beauty that lies waiting to be discovered.  The further along we got, the more in love we became with the country side.  We traveled west on route 98 then north on route 231 through the hamlets of Panama City, Youngstown, Alford, Dothan, Midland City, Ozark, and Brundige before reaching our resting point for the evening around 4:30 p.m. at Deer Run RV Park located just outside of Troy, Alabama.

Troy is a city in Pike County with a population of around 18,033. This campground is highly rated on all the web reviews and we could see why.  The park managers greeted us warmly with a cup of hot chocolate and a bag of freshly made popcorn.  They noted how things were just starting to dry out around there after receiving about 10 inches of rain the day before and how the temps were now dropping substantially.  It was a very chilly 40 degrees and quite a change after coming from the gulf area where the temperatures were in the 70’s.  After chatting awhile they led us to our site in their little golf cart and waved goodbye.

We traveled 170 miles in around 4 hours.


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10 thoughts on “The Journey to Florida and now back toward home – day 19

  1. Isn’t it fun to explore, learn and grow Theresa. I remember when we were young and took everything for granted. Now we want to look, touch, smell, taste and listen to all that surrounds us. This includes listening to the people we come in contact with to hear their stories which are most often better then ours.

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  2. Oh! Lovely and interesting as always! You-all have the gift of noticing things that others would pass by. So great. And, you are right about Alabama! I have a good friend and writing colleague in Shreveport, but her family is from Alabama. She is wonderful. There is a lot to enjoy!

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