Day 28 of 28 ~ By Tom ~

Map 28, Grayville IL to home
Map 28, Grayville IL to home

Welcome back to a recap of our trip across United States and day 28 of our journey.  Day 28 and we’re on our way home.  It’s a day with the mixed emotions of being on the road with so many wonderful experiences and that of being back home on familiar turf.  We checked out of our hotel in Grayville, IL at 10 a.m. and traveled through Corydon, IN where Audrey experienced her first meal at a Waffle House (and not disappointed I may add).

From there we traveled through Walton KY, Jeffersonville OH and arrived home at 2:19 a.m. Wow and wow again… 720 miles over 14 hours.  We both agreed, bed was gonna feel real good and I can tell you it sure did.

Now this concludes the chronology of our 28 days of traveling through these great United States.  We are now more excited than ever to hit the road again and all the wiser to do so.  What a journey… six thousand five hundred miles, 16 wonderful states and so many more stories to tell of the hundreds of people we prayed with, talked with and who opened up about their hopes, dreams and fears.  In the days ahead we want to also share some of what we learned being on the road and some exciting things that have happened since we got home.  We hope you keep coming back to for our continuing story and also for us to keep in contact with all of you that became our friends along the way.

Tom, Audrey & Emma
Tom, Audrey and Emma.

~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

6 thoughts on “Day 28 of 28 ~ By Tom ~

  1. Thank you for the follow. I agree which is why I stumbled across your blog. I too look forward to seeing where you’re headed next. By the way, I have a rather eclectic site! 😆

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  2. We are looking so forward to exploring your site and seeing the places you have traveled to. It helps us to plot our travels. There is something about hearing about “real” peoples travels and not some magazines description where the traveler has an unlimited budget and focuses on the mint on the pillow type adventures.

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  3. I absolutely love seeing the USA and have many road trips under our belt. Most of them and the west, midwest, and Southwest but we have been as far east as Georgia and North Carolina.

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