Letter sent to all of our e-mail and site followers ~ By Tom ~

We hope this message finds you well on this awesome November day.  Audrey, Emma and I wanted to reach out from  www.usathroughoureyes.com and give a heartfelt thank you to all of you that either clicked the “follow” button   on the lower right hand corner of your personal computer, laptop or smart phone or just looked in on us as time allowed.  Since arriving back home September 28th from our 16 state, 6,500-mile journey across the United States we haven’t posted much new.  To be honest we were exhausted from the pace of the journey but didn’t realize just how much until we got home and started recapping all we had seen and done.  What an incredible experience and all that we did and the conversations we had with the hundreds of people along the way.  This journey touched us deeply and left us humbled and feeling blessed.

Now that we have had this time to go through our photographs, videos, recordings and experiences we would like to share them with you in a day by day chronology that will have links you can click on to go back to that moment.  We will also be sharing with you the story behind the story along with what we have learned from the many, many people we talked with, prayed with and laughed with as well as the new and exciting things that have occurred because of our journey.

For those of you new to our website we believe you will find it fairly user-friendly.  When you open your internet web browser just enter www.usathroughoureyes.com and or move your cursor over the name, click and you will immediately be taken to our site.  Once there you will see headings such as “Articles, Links, Photos, Videos, Audio quotes and at the top the headings of Home, About and Contact”.  As you place your cursor over these areas you can click on them to expose what the headings suggest.  For example, click on “Articles” and it will take you to a page where you will see clips of articles.  You can then click on the specific article to either “read more, rate the article, or reply”.  If you scroll to the bottom you will see “load more”.  When you click on it the screen will show a spinning pin wheel of different colors.  We have learned that this just keeps spinning so you need to refresh the screen by going to the “address bar” at the top of your browser and click the  symbol.  Immediately it will bring up a list of more articles, etc.  If you click on “comment” a screen will pop up asking you to give your name and email address.  This is so we can get back to you.  If at any time you forget where you are on the site just click on the words “USA Through Our Eyes” and you will be brought back to the home page.

There, now you have the basics or our site. We hope you enjoy exploring it and look forward to your comments and please feel free to repost articles and in general link with us and others in sharing experiences.


Tom, Audrey and Emma


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

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