Preparing the Route. ~by Audrey & Tom~

Hello again.  Now, let me see what else do we need to share.  Oh yeah, figuring out where it is we are heading and the basic route.  Because we are quickly approaching the fall season we figured it would be the perfect time to capture some awesome foliage by heading along the northern border between the United States and Canada.  So we selected the route from NY through PA, OH, MI, WI, MN, ND, MT and down into WY with our turning point being Yellowstone National Park.  We didn’t want to travel the same way twice so we decided to return back through SD, IA, IL, IN the lower part of OH, PA and back home by way of the Southern Tier.  We used “my maps” on Google Drive to plot the course including our multiple stops, camp grounds to stay at and the many sights to see.  Thank God for Google Maps.   We guesstimate the distance we’ll travel will be somewhere around 4000 miles plus and looking to be gone awhile (God willing).  Given the season and course we mapped out prompted us to now consider the gear we would need to bring.  As we followed the weather it was apparent we would need clothing that would let us enjoy the warm temps (60’s and 70’s) of the day but have some that would keep us warm when the nights dropped to the low 50’s.

Well I gotta go now, I just thought of another post-it note and Emma want’s dinner.  Oh by the way, I may have forgot to mention that amongst a dozen other things going on in our new life, Audrey was preparing for her annual “Appalachian Trail” walk, August 5th – August 13th with her brother and sister.


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