I Get To Go, Woof, Woof. ~by Emma~


I was thinking last night on what it was I did to get my peoples to understand they needed me on this trip?  The nearest thing I can think of is I kept putting my “nylabone” in their pile of supplies then again maybe it was because I kept laying on top of their packs?  I know they got kinda miffed when I ate one of their silly post-it notes and they didn’t buy the excuse I was just trying to lick it so it would stick better on the wall.  Oh well they got the message and this is what counts.  I just knew they would bring me, I just knew it!  It was just a matter of when that had me buffaloed.  I know you dawg’s out there can relate to me when I say sometimes our peoples can be a bit slow on catching the bone.  Well, I gotta go now it’s time to eat.  I guess I’m getting a bit excited about this thing my people call a “log” or “dlog” or was it a “blog”.  At any rate its something to do with the website they created and that I can express myself to all you out there from a dogs view.  I wish they had named this website “usa through emmas eyes” but like I said sometimes they don’t fully understand dog talk but I gotta say they are getting much better. 


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

3 thoughts on “I Get To Go, Woof, Woof. ~by Emma~

  1. Thank you Roxie D. You are so neat to woof around with. Its neat being quadrupeds of a different species but having the same thoughts at times. I was always afraid of kittys that’s why I chased em. Heard stories ya know of them scratching noses. Had a cousin once that tangled with a kitty and I can still hear him yip’ing down the road.

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