It’s About Time! ~by Emma~


Yeeeeesssssss, finally they put my name on a post-it.  It’s official, I’m on the wall with my own yellow post-it and alongside my name they have, bowl, bed, food, leash and last but not least, my “nylabone”.  I know you canines understand that these items are all us dogs need for any trip and in case you peoples don’t know a “nylabone” is a mandatory chew toy for any dog.  I am so excited and if you could only see me jumping up and down and even turning some 360’s with excitement.  I have always wanted to check out how dogs from other cities and states handle their peoples.  I don’t my peoples realize how much I have been helping them pack and now that I’m going, I’ll help even more.  Woof, Woof, I’m going cross country and I’m so excited I gotta go jump all over my peoples right now so they’ll take me out for a potty break or I’ll have a mess right here and that wouldn’t be good if ya know what I mean, WOL (woof-out-loud).


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7 thoughts on “It’s About Time! ~by Emma~

  1. Such a good question! Frisbees and Nyla-bones? I know I just love gnawing on my bacon flavored Nyla-bone and hearing the crunch of my jaws. Do you ever chew on things besides a mouse or two? I ate a fly the other day, yuck.

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