The “Do/Due” List. ~by Audrey & Tom~

Now this is where the rubber begins to meet the road.  I know we all get that funky taste in our mouth when it comes to the proverbial “to do” list.  l like to refer to it as the “do/due” list.  Let’s face it folks ya gotta have one.  We started using “post-it notes” and as each thought came to mind we posted it on the wall.  Here you can get a glimpse of the yellow and orange reminders as they consumed more and more of our wall until we had to start using another one.  When one comes unstuck Emma is quick to run over wagging her tail and dancing all over alerting us that one has fallen.  She’s a hoot to watch.  Between you and me, I think it’s also to check to see if we have included her on one of the post-its along with her blanky, food dishes and “nylabone”.  Oh, by the way, did we mention Emma is riding along with us on this journey.  Now, that otta add some excitement to the adventure, lol.  Can you imagine Audrey, me and Emma on a 4000-mile road trip in our 2002 Toyota with 250 thousand miles on it, covering 16 states involving camping, hiking, and a whole host of other great things?  If that don’t get you smiling with anticipation, then you aren’t letting your imagination flow freely enough. Come on now, I’m sure one or two of you have had the thought cross your mind as to what point in the journey will one of us have the fleeting thought of leaving the other one behind at a rest stop, lol.  Oh, I gotta go now.  I have to head to the store for another pad of “post-it” notes.

Do/Due Post Its 2Do/Due Post Its


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