What was that excitement? ~by Audrey & Tom~

Let me see, I left off with Sean beaming with excitement about his road trip back home to Churchville as Milan and I listened intently.  That is when he began sharing all the glorious sights and sounds he had experienced while driving from California.  He said “I wanted to stop every 10 minutes to take pictures of the scenery”.  As we talked he said he had always wanted to do something like that and was so glad he did.  His joy and excitement was so infectious that when I got home I remarked to Audrey how a friend from the gym had just shared with me about his road trip through the US.  As I shared this with Audrey, she said, “wouldn’t that be fun”.  I thought for a moment how true her remark was.  Now keep in mind, Audrey had just graduated from Rochester Institute for Technology with her degree in “Photojournalism” and through the years found the joy of hearing, capturing and sharing people’s stories.  You can check out some of the stories on her website.  The next thing you know the dream was set in motion and we were like two little kids churning with dreams, chatting up a storm of places to see, all the stories to gather, pictures to take and ways to share our adventures with everyone.  Well, I gotta go now but more later…


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

9 thoughts on “What was that excitement? ~by Audrey & Tom~

  1. Yes. One has to be passionate about it, if not the gift would be a waste. When I was about to start my blog a year back, I bought a small camera for that purpose. It’s a good profession!

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  2. Whoa! It means you are now retired in order to refire to also be a Photo Journalist. That’s right. I know Audrey would definitely infect you with the spirit of Photojournalism. I’ve been thinking of that.

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  3. After Audrey’s lengthy first career she decided to return back to RIT University to do what she felt led to do from when she was a child which was photo journalism. I’ve always dabbled in photography but am now being mentored by her to new levels. My career history spans 39 years in social work.

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