What happened? ~by Tom~

Let me see… where did we leave off?  Oh that’s right, I need to tell you what happened.  Now mind you, this is my version of what happened (but I think it’s pretty accurate)!  What happened was this woman Audrey, her dog Emma and I would become best friends and I experienced feelings in and about me that kept growing and growing until it finally dawned on me, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this person and little did I know it but she felt the same way.  When we first met I was pretty convinced that I would be a bachelor the remaining days of my life and Audrey made it very clear she had no intentions whatsoever of getting married.  Wow, ever hear the saying “wanna make God laugh… make plans”?  Now moving forward, a bit to the middle of July, I woke thinking it was gonna be another typical day, lol.  You would think I would stop thinking that because every time I do things change.  I headed to the gym and going about my workout when I began talking with Sean.  I hadn’t seen him in a while and he shared that he had just got back from a road trip out west to help his sister who had just had surgery.  As he was talking about the drive back home he began to beam with joy.  His friend Milan was on the tread mill next to him and his happiness was so apparent.  I asked what made him beam with excitement.  Oh, wait a minute, I gotta run right now but let me finish up this topic later, okay?


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12 thoughts on “What happened? ~by Tom~

  1. Thank you Liz. Well, its kinda funny how the proposal came about. He knew I was the one he wanted to spend his life with and kept asking. But I wondered if he was just teasing so I wasn’t really sure. Then one morning I proposed to him and he thought I was teasing. Later in the day he came back to me and asked if I was serious. I said yes and the joy exploded. After lots of great conversation on the topic he called my Dad and Mom to ask their blessing. They had met him before and really liked him. Each day its gets better and better.

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  2. More than one sir! But the one I made mention of is a Christian book that I worked on for about 11 years before I published it as an Indie author.

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  3. That is great! Don’t forget to begin to put this up as a book that will be later published in the nearest future. Just because knowledge is power!

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  4. Yup. The three of us jump in “Daisy” our travel van and head out to discover. The fun part is not only do we learn about the great people of this world but even greater is learning about us and what is in us.

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  5. Okay! You are a couple (You and your wife – Audrey) going on the adventure with your car (Daisy) and your dog (Emma). Right?

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