A Memorable Walk Along The Savannah River

Hello everyone and welcome back! It is a joy seeing each of you taking time in your busy days to check in on us and see what we’ve been up to! A short time ago we were exploring the State of Georgia and as we were wandering along the Savannah riverfront with our Chocolate lab, Emma, letting God and our cameras lead us from one image to the next we couldn’t help be intrigued by a mother and daughter strolling together, holding hands, laughing and cherishing the views the river afforded. Before heading back to “Daisy”, our travel van, we stopped to rest awhile on a bench and as we did Emma quickly crawled underneath it to embrace the cool of the shadows. As we sat watching the huge boats passing there was the joyful voice of a child exclaiming “look mommy, can I go pet her?”.   As we turned it was the mom and daughter we had seen earlier.  We nodded in approval of her desire to pet Emma and a wonderful conversation ensued as the little girl lavished her love upon our Emma girl.  There is something about dogs that brings out the child in all of us, young and old.

The conversation was delightful and as we prattled along with the Mom Dacia, her daughter Elizabeth soothed Emma. We shared our story of adopting Emma and Dacia shared how she and Elizabeth had been praying for a girl dog then soon afterward her aunt found a Chocolate Lab which they ended up adopting.  Dacia shared that she was homeschooling Elizabeth and it was a special day because Elizabeth had just finished memorizing another verse from the Bible, this one being John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life”.   It brought tears of joy to hear this precious little 5 year old recite this verse and see the joy in her eyes of the accomplishment.

What a beautiful “God-incidence”  (as we like to call them) because we had just been discussing the week before the very idea of a difference it would make in the lives of children and adults if they would read the Bible and here we meet this beautiful mother and daughter living it out.  We were so caught up in the joy of this amazing moment that both of us forgot to push the record button on the equipment we always carry with us on our adventures for such moments like this. I guess some moments will just have to remain in our memories. We hope you enjoy the photographs.

Don’t forget to check out our USA Through Our Eyes Vimeo site to see some of our recent video productions.  So, until next time be safe and keep looking up.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

29 thoughts on “A Memorable Walk Along The Savannah River

  1. oh you are so kind to say that –
    really appreciate the encouragement –
    and my photography is not always the highest quality – but (hopefully) it always has a piece of me in there…
    and wishing you two a great rest fo September

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  2. You are the third person that mentioned not being able to record or photo a moment!
    And as we know – that sometimes means we were immersed in the way that we were supposed to be!
    Have you seen the “secret life of Walter Mitty”
    Well an important scene in that movie covers this idea exactly….
    And some memories are to be lived and not recorded – hah

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