Quanta ~ The Story 2019

Hello and welcome back.

Today we’d like to share a very special video we produced on a couple incredible people we happened to meet while strolling through an open air market in downtown Tallahassee Florida. They, Jack and Richard, were providing the background entertainment for folks walking, talking and enjoying the warmth of the day. As we stopped to watch we could see and hear the incredible musical talent they possessed. When they went on break, we struck up a conversation that quickly turned into a connection that was more than just idle chit chat. As we parted, we agreed to get together and talk about doing a story on them. A week or so later we sat together at Au Peche Mignon, a little downtown French pastry shop and it was then we learned the depth of these two nonchalant musicians.

Aside from being accomplished musicians each of them is a professor at Florida State University holding the distinguished title of PhD. Jacks field of study being complex analysis and biomathematics and Richards mathematical neuroscience, mathematical physiology and dynamical systems. As we sat and talked it became apparent these two humble men have impacted the world in incredible ways through their works in the field of mathematics. It was interesting however to note as we listened and talked to hear their deep rooted first love and passion to write and play music.

As you watch the video you will see why we gave it the subtitle of “Mathematician or Musician?”. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to Jack and Richard for opening their hearts and homes and sharing their story with us. We hope you enjoy “Quanta – The Story 2019”.

Don’t forget to click here on  Vimeo  to see some of our recent video productions. Until next time be safe and keep looking up. Who knows the next story we tell may be yours?


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26 thoughts on “Quanta ~ The Story 2019

  1. What a fun god appointment – great video and math and music do gonhand in hand – and some folks are definitely on a different plane with their talents – good story

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  2. We didn’t realize it Theresa that you have that math gift These two were incredibly talented in so many areas. We cherished the time we had with them and how down to earth they were. We truly were in awe as we spent time with them and learned and watched. And to note (no pun intended) their first passion was music and math kind of an aside. Glad you stopped by with your encouragement.

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  3. Those 2 are the ones that help us put people on the moon, decipher formulas that will one day stop cancer and on and on. The greatest thing we discovered with Jack and Richard is their kindness and humbleness. We are blessed to have gotten to know them.

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  4. Well, as a mathematician myself, it’s a treat to hear about the correspondence between math and music. Wow, they are very versatile, on different instruments throughout the video. That’s impressive! I have also worked on learning jazz piano myself, and it’s tough. There is a lot to learn, and practice, practice, practice goes into being able to perform and improvise. All the modes, chord changes and relationships, etc. Hats off to them!

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  5. Thank you so much Daily Thankful. Your words of encouragement are inspiring for us. Yes, we are learning and growing this gift of story telling and God willing are looking to do a full length movie in the future. These two incredible men were very inspirational to us and so gifted as both mathematicians and musicians.

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  6. I really enjoyed that. 👍🏾 And something about the quality and sequencing in your videos reminds me of documentaries I’ve seen on PBS and the BBC. Have you ever considered creating a longer feature and sharing it more broadly? Then again, perhaps this is something that you have already considered in the past.

    I was just talking the other day with a friend of mine about your video featuring the Amish, and how stirring it was. It’s the way that you tell the stories that is the most compelling thing – perhaps even moreso than above the individuals you feature in your videos.

    Either way, what you do here is a blessing. Thank you!

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