Big Lagoon State Park & Palafox Pier, Pensacola, Florida

Hello everyone! It is so nice having you visit with us once again. Today we would like to share a recent outing we embarked on to Big Lagoon State Park and Palafox Pier in Pensacola, Florida.

The campground and all its incredible wildlife were awesome including this surprise 3 foot long cotton mouth guest we woke up to one morning slithering on the ground behind our camper. Thank goodness we didn’t just let Emma out unsupervised.  Lesson learned for us is don’t let your family pet outside without checking for little critters first.

To see these images full screen and/or as a slide show just click on one. As always, we love to hear any comments you might have. Don’t forget you can also checkout some of our recent video’s by clicking here at

Until next time we get together keep smiling and looking up!


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28 thoughts on “Big Lagoon State Park & Palafox Pier, Pensacola, Florida

  1. It’s like arriving at a painting exhibition in an art gallery. You can enjoy a magnificent photo exhibition. The view of the heron on the shore, as if to sit down and write a poem.

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this outing with you. I have been to Florida many times and your lovely images brought it all so closer to me including awakening happy memories, thank you for sharing! ❤

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