The Elk of Cataloochee

Hello everyone! We are happy you came back after seeing the little teaser post from a couple weeks ago. Were you able to guess the animal sound from that audio post? Well some of you guessed right… it was an elk. Back in October 2018 we visited Cataloochee Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina based on a recommendation from a fellow camper. The only caveat he noted was the drive up the mountain and down into the valley was not for the faint at heart. Our class B motor home is a 20 foot van and there were moments as we drove up then down that our hearts were racing. There are no guard rails and at points you are on the edge of a dirt/gravel road with a huge drop. That being said, it was all worth it! When this fellow camper made the recommendation he noted we should visit in the fall because that was when the elk were extremely active and in “rut” (that’s nature talk for the guy elk liking the girl elk).

We hope you enjoy this video of these magnificent creatures wandering and grazing in the peaceful valleys of this national park.

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23 thoughts on “The Elk of Cataloochee

  1. Thank you so much for these encouraging words. We hesitated because of its length but the area and scenery was so wonderful we just couldn’t cut anything more. Sometimes its hard to know just how far to go. We’re learning and thanks to folks like you and sites like yours we are learning!!!!! Thank you.


  2. This video really brought me right there and enjoyed it so much!
    I think it was edited just right – letting us go up the trail a bit and all the sounds –


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  3. Good photography! Great videos! It’s good that you both could travel to North Carolina to enjoy God’s creation!


  4. How wonderful to see your video (and to also see that I guessed well). You’re right about those narrow roads, though — I was white-knuckling it a bit vicariously at the beginning. So glad you lived to tell the tale. 🙂

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  5. What a video! You must have been carried way by the music–it is so lovely to hear their calls.I had no idea there was a whole community of long ago in the park. It reminds me of Cade’s Cove in the smiles out from Gatlinburg. Tom, lovely action shots of Audrey. : )


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