Butler’s Pride ~ Making Cane Syrup ~

Hello and welcome back family, friends and fellow bloggers. While out and about on a beautiful Saturday afternoon we came upon Bradley’s Country Store Old Fashioned Fun Day Festival in rural Tallahassee, Florida. We quickly pulled behind the long line of cars who had the same idea we did and before you know we were parked and walking in the direction of some good ole country music playing, laughter all around us and the delightful smells of food being cooked on open grills. Within minutes we came across a scene that quickly reminded us of the ole days when folks didn’t go to the local grocery store for certain food items but rather, they prepared it themselves from foods grown in the fields. This particular item being prepared was kettle cooked cane syrup from sugar cane. As we watched the syrup simmering in a large cast iron vat over a fire pit a gentleman, Marty Butler, who happened to be the owner came over and began talking with us. Before long he invited us to join him behind the scenes for a personal tour and explanation of the entire process of how the cane is machine pressed then placed in a vat and slowly boiled for several hours all the while it is being gently skimmed of impurities, then cooled and bottled. MMMM…. MMMM good.

We hope you enjoy these images and look forward seeing you back again real soon. To view the images full size in slide show format, click on any photograph and use the right and left arrow buttons on the side to navigate through. Don’t forget, you can check out these images in a video slide show on our Vimeo site by clicking on this link ~ Butler’s Pride – Making Cane Syrup ~.


  1. Heide

    I had the exact same thought that Oristel did, Audrey and Tom: “Wow, is that a lot of work!” Thank you so much for reminding me to appreciate these products we so often take for granted — and the people who make them, too. Wonderful photos, too.



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