Journey Through North Carolina – Part 28

Hello and welcome, back to part 28 of our journey through North Carolina.

Today was a travel day to explore the surrounding areas in North Carolina including Rocky Mount, Parrish Womble Park, Holly Springs, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough and finally breaking into Virginia and back to one or our favorite campgrounds from this journey. 

One of the sweetest views as we traveled along US route 52 was when we crested a hill and before us in the distance was Pilot mountain.  It rises abruptly more than 2,000 feet and looks like a door knob. We started wondering if it and nearby Mt. Airy had anything to do with the fictional series “Andy Griffith Show”.  Sure, enough it did and does because it is Andy Griffith’s hometown.

Well this is it for today.  We hope you come back and see how the trip unfolds as we share more of the USA Through Our Eyes.  Until then be safe.


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35 thoughts on “Journey Through North Carolina – Part 28

  1. Oh I love Pilot Mountain! It’s an old friend of mine 🙂 When I was a child, my family always traveled to Myrtle Beach South Carolina from Ohio and we always passed Pilot Mountain on our route! It was one of my most memorable landmarks. Recently, I took my mom to Myrtle Beach this summer for a Christmas gift and we passed back by Pilot Mountain and I got to show my boyfriend! It was a welcome and familiar sight! 🙂

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