Journey Through North Carolina – Part 25

Hello and welcome to part 25 of our journey to North Carolina.

Today in our travels we made time to swing into Durham NC to check out historical and acclaimed Duke University.  This place had sentimental value to us because one of our family members attended the University as well as a friend of ours.

After enjoying some time here, we stopped for some groceries before moving on to the “Farm Country Campground”  in Williamston, NC on our east bound trek to the Outer Banks. This was just the place for us to settle in as the tornado watch ended and we rolled out our awning for the first time and put our feet up to enjoy the cool of the evening.  We were so relaxed here we decided to stay longer and soak up the relaxation. 

Well this is it for today.  We hope you come back and see how the trip unfolds as we share more of the USA Through Our Eyes.  Until then be safe.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

58 thoughts on “Journey Through North Carolina – Part 25

  1. Beautiful pictures! The flowers make the place look so inviting. It’s so peaceful, perfect place to write and relax. I especially love the photograph of the sky. Magnificent!

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  2. It is Theresa and we have placed it on our browser favorites list. We spent yesterday afternoon learning from Maira Kalman. What a truly fascinating woman. Her perspective is genius. As I was playing and reading the interview Tom was in the background savoring every part of the interview. To think how you thought of us to share with truly touched us Theresa. You are amazing!!!!!

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  3. I think that On Being would be a great fit for you. Krista TIppett comes from a spiritual context, and I have gotten a lot of different things from her podcast. – side note, it’s nice to have access to the “unedited” versions, but I usually listen to the edited one. I’m excited to know you might be enjoying more of Krista’s work!

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  4. This has been so informative for us Theresa. Tom and I are now exploring “On Being” with Krista Tippett and the interview with Maira Kalman. We are thoroughly enjoying it! You have given us one more key to unlock yet another door into writing. Thank you, thank you!!!!

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  5. Oh, I’m so glad my story touched you in the way I was hoping for. I, too, had tears in my eyes when I heard her speak this quote. I was madly jotting it down for you. As a side note, when I searched for the link to her interview, I discovered Krista Tippett has a transcription of the interview on the On Being website, so in case you want to just read it through, it’s there. And about sharing others’ stories, not only are you learning about, and being in, their daily lives, you have found a perfect voice to share and express those lives to us. Kudos!

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  6. Wow this is great! Retirement after that many years will be a joyful break. You’ve done your time and now you’ll be able to do things on your schedule. We gotta warn you though, you’re going to be busier then you were because everything you do will be because you wanna do it. We just love those next chapters in life. The first part of life we do what we have too and the next ones we do are because we want too.


  7. Theresa as we read your comment we literally had tears of joy in our eyes. What Maira Kalman is doing so wonderfully is exactly what we are wanting to do. We know we have a long way to go but that’s okay because all good things take time. It is so special that you see what our hopes are. Wow, you have so much discernment. So often as we’re walking away from people that have shared a piece of their life with us we ask ourselves how can we carry their message to our readers. Each of them is always happy for us to share their story. Yes, you so well noted that our hope is to bring back that inside view so we can all understand how we have a common shared experience with them. We can’t wait to follow the link you provided to hear and learn more. You Theresa have touched us so wonderfully today! Thank you!

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  8. It is so pretty there Toni. You and your husband would love it. This is what we enjoy about traveling is our eyes get opened to so much. You both must travel a great deal in your service to our Country?


  9. Hello Tom & Audrey! I heard an interview today with Maira Kalman, a visual artist who does covers for the New Yorker, among other things. Something she said really struck me as being exactly what you are doing with your travel and blogging, that is, seeking out, and hearing, other people’s stories, in a way that breaks down the barriers of prejudice and biases about “otherness” that we all seem to have. I wrote down her quote:

    “. . . People are leading very particular and very complex lives, and you can’t just make blanket statements, generalizations fly out the window. . . and every human being is a human being. People who you think you might have absolutely nothing in common with, philosophically, or just on a daily level, you find out there’s a tremendous amount of contact [shared common experience]. It might be so obvious to say that, but I don’t think that you can appreciate that until you actually go, and live that. . . . really, we can have a conversation about that and find the common humanity.”

    And I thought, this is what you are doing. You are going out, and not only do you go out into the neighborhoods and communities where people live, you seek out their stories and you fully listen to them. And then, you bring back to us an inside view of the particular and complex lives that they are living, so that we can understand how we also have a common shared experience with them.

    And, guess what, I think that is the foundation for world peace. Thank you. It is very special what you are doing, and I just wanted you to know that.

    – T

    p.s. The interview I heard was “On Being” with Krista Tippett, interviewing Maira Kalman,

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  10. Thank you Sharon. That’s our 8 year young rescue chocolate lab Emma girl. She travels everywhere with us. Its funny how the 3 of us make it work in our travel van because as you can suspect there ain’t a lot of room inside so there’s a constant dance going on. Folks along the way seem to really like her which leads into some great conversations and stories. Thank you for asking and making time to share with us.

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  11. They are smart aren’t they. Emma will take her Frisbee and jam it into our butts when we’re sitting on the chairs. Or she’ll take her little snout and poke it under our armpits or in our hands. Its her way of saying its time to walk and sniff the air while she sniffs the ground.


  12. We love the razzing. Isn’t it something how laptops and smart phones have become such a part of our lives. We set limits on being on them because otherwise one could get lost in cyberspace. There is so much stuff out there and we sometimes get on a “rabbit trail” and it takes us hither and yon. There’s been a few times when the lid gets suddenly closed on the laptop followed by a mischievous chuckle and words to the effect of oops did I do that, lol.

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  13. Good news that your family is safe, there are so many people without electra an there is a lot of water, I hope with you that everything coming allright. Emma look everywhere very nice. Thinking of you, Ann.

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  14. Good morning Ann. It is so nice knowing you follow events here in the US. Yes, hurricane Irma is 1000 miles south of us in Florida. We have family there is the path of the hurricane and thank God they are safe. We were on our way there this past Friday morning when we got word that traffic to the state was no longer being permitted.
    Emma loved posing in the flowers for all to see. She is such a ham in front of the camera.

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  15. What a lovely photos from a relaxed time Tom and Audrey, it looks so peaceful with Emma in the flowers. Here in the Netherlands we follow the news about the terrible hurricane Irma and ofcorse we think on Nine Eleven, I think you both do this also. I no our lives go on, but on this day I stand still a while. Warm greetings, Ann.

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