Journey Through North Carolina – Part 18

Hello and welcome to part 18 of our journey through North Carolina.

As you travel the roadways of this great country one never knows what you will encounter including where you might be spending the night.  Some of these times one can’t be choosy.

Well this is it for today.  We hope you come back and see how the trip unfolds as we share more of the USA Through Our Eyes.  Until then be safe.


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45 thoughts on “Journey Through North Carolina – Part 18

  1. Thank you “Terismyth”. We bet there were some terrific memories formed on your journey through Oregon with the family. There is something special that happens when on the road. The wildlife is interesting to note and be careful of for sure.

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  2. Interesting post. One of my favorite family memories was when we rented a motorhome and drove up through Oregon with the dog and kids. We came across the Trinity River where there were hundreds of frogs. And my son found a snake! We loved it.
    Enjoyed seeing a black and white mom and dad and their baby ducklings were all different colors too! So cute.
    Happy travels

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  3. I’m convinced that you are a magnet for nature’s beauty and good people. I imagine your auras spreading out and the ducks and other animals saying, “Hey, they’re here. Let’s greet them!” and the people putting on their best smiles for you. Wonderful!

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  4. Thank you Heide. One never knows what will be encountered. We just keep smiling and maintaining an open mind. These humble accommodations keep us grounded for sure. It is always so nice having you stop by and talking with us. Thank you!!!

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  5. LOL, a small airplane in the lot. Isn’t it the truth about you never know…. We just love what we encounter on the road. We haven’t encountered peacocks yet but that’ll be one to post when we do.

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  6. Your words are so true. Isn’t it great the things we learn from making the time to stop and talk with folks. We just love it and it sounds like you two do also!!!! Keep those post coming because you are fueling our dreams too.

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  7. If we could Theresa we would send the rain your way, lol. We’ve been getting a lot of it here. Weren’t those duckies the cutest! They were the prettiest site at that campground. There was lots of interesting views there, lol.

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  8. Thank you Ann. You are for sure correct about there always being surprises on the road and the fun part is you never know when it will pop up. Weren’t those ducks the cutest. They just waddle along without a care in the world. We have a lot to learn from them.

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  9. I loved the ducks! It’s so true 🙂 That’s one of the reasons I love driving to destinations is because you never know the incredible travels and adventures and experiences you may encounter on the road, late at night, on a rainy afternoon 🙂

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  10. Oh! The ducklings! and the rain! and those painted tire-planters! I long for the moments of rain again (soon, I hope) – it feels drier than anything here. Refreshing to see your images of rain!

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  11. I could just hear the mama telling the two little yellow ones “come along, we’re going to the bigger water”😀
    We stayed overnight on one trip in a little trailer park in Utah where there peacocks running loose and one space had a small airplane in it.😮
    It’s true that you never know what you’re going to find. That’s part of the fun of the adventure.👍🏞🌈🌞🌚🌟🌠🌷🌻🌼🌲💌💌💞💕


  12. They all look wonderful :):) The one with all the big trucks, I thought was very cool. And the ducks, awwwwwww. They look like they finally said ok, ok, let us get all these kids in the water, and you can get your pictures, and video hahaha. :):) I so appreciate your trip posts :):)


  13. My first comment disappeared for some reason! 😦 Well, the sentiment is still the same: Thank you for showing us that even the more humble accommodations can have their own charms (like planters made of painted tires, and adorable families of geese). Lovely video, Audrey!


  14. Well … maybe the accommodations weren’t worthy of five stars, but they certainly made up for it in charm (love those painted-tire planters, and the adorable family of geese!). Lovely video, Audrey!


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