Journey Through North Carolina – Part 8

Hello and welcome to part 8 of our journey through North Carolina.

From Brinegar Cabins in Traphill, NC, we were back on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see what was up beyond the next bend only to discover signs for the town of West Jefferson, NC.  As we strolled the town streets we came upon  Ashe Arts Center where we could hear live music coming from inside.  We headed inside and enjoyed a great jam session with local musicians paying tribute to a Vietnam Veteran who had completed 3 tours of duty in that war.  A great time was being had by all and, during a break, a community spokesperson presented the guest of honor a handmade quilt.  It was in special recognition of their respect and love for him and his service to our country.  It was extremely touching to hear the humbleness of this man’s experiences.  Mike, we are so proud of your service and you are a real hero in our eyes.

(To view the video, click in the image above.)

Well this is it for today.  We hope you come back and see how the trip unfolds as we share more of the USA Through Our Eyes.  Until then be safe.


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72 thoughts on “Journey Through North Carolina – Part 8

  1. I love your faces. I’m happy to meet Grandpa and Grandma with lovely faces and positive mindsets to life. Best wishes, long life and prosperity.

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  2. We really need to honor our Vietnam veterans more. So wonderful to hear this story. And, thank you for your kind note! I’m feeling good about the progress I’m making on some longer projects – we will see!

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  3. Thank you Theresa. It was a touching moment to stumble upon. Mike, the guest of honor, was such a gentleman and so touched by the gathering. We can imagine that moment and the feelings you will have when you are once again honored for that book that will be on the NY Times best sellers list for the 2 year in a row.

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  4. This is awesome to hear you say. He was so overwhelmed with emotion that folks honored him. Another one of those happened upon moments that we were blessed to record. We recorded lots of audio but there was so much background noise that it was hard to make out. Thanks for making time to share.

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  5. So well put. I hope you get the opportunity to travel as much as you want to, and that each journey is satisfying, meeting your expectations.

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  6. Thank you for your words of encouragement. You are so right about slowing down enough to recognize and appreciate them. Why did it take us so long to figure that important fact out beats us. I guess age produces wisdom.

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  7. Thank you Eugenia. What a special moment it was too. This guy, Mike was so touched with the celebration they threw him. As we talked later he kept getting teary eyed sharing many of his stories. Quite a hero he is. It is so nice to have you make time to talk with us.

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  8. Thanks Madelyn. It was a special moment to stumble on. The guy, Mike, was so appreciative. We had the privledge of talking with him afterwards but the recordings didn’t come out good enough to share some of his stories. They left impressions on us though. We have such respect and admiration for our men and women of the military. All they do so we can have the freedoms we do is a tall debt they don’t ask to be repaid. Its always so nice when you make time for out post Madelyn.

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  9. Wasn’t that a beautiful gift. Its something he’ll treasure for life we’re sure. That is neat you dad makes quilts. You don’t often hear of men doing this. I must share my career required I wear a tie and through the years acquired over 300 of them. So when I retired I though wouldn’t it neat to make a quilt out of them. Well, this is what I did. What an adventure it was laying out the pattern, selecting the batting, thread, needles and a machine. I learned sooooo much. It turned out incredible if I might say so. I even have some great scars from the needle pricks in my fingers. I have a new found respect for quilt makers.

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  10. We are so happy you are with us Brooke to enjoy the moment. It was such a welcomed moment and the folks were so welcoming. Some communities we visit we don’t want to leave. We’re sure you have encountered a few of those moments yourself on your travels.

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  11. Wonderful to see that a Viet Nam vet was being honored. So much healing still to be accomplished after the way those vets were treated on their return. And what a great way to honor someone – with a quilt that represents time, appreciation and love, and a concert for joy and good vibes.

    So great that you stopped to be a part of it and that you shared it with us. Thank you.
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD/EFD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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  12. You are welcome. We are out often yes but hope to be out much more in the months ahead. Our travels put us in places that perhaps some would not go but its there that we see the core of what makes this country great. Each encounter has yielded much learning for us and opportunity to walk His word.

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  13. Isn’t this true Sharon. Those serving in the military and their spouses are heroes in our book. They keep the light of freedom glowing. We are an amazing country. It is so nice knowing that you have this interest. And it is nice having you along with us and making time to talk with us. We love sites like yours that care.

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  14. Thank you Steve. It seems each time we get out there amongst the communities we encounter so many wonderful moments. We always walk away filled. Its so nice having you with us and sharing your thoughts.

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  15. Another great adventure! That’s what you can find very often “on the road!” Enjoy the rest of your trip!


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