Journey Through North Carolina – Teaser ~ By Tom and Audrey ~

Hello everyone and welcome back to our journeys through the United States.  We are excited to begin sharing with you our most recent expedition through North Carolina.  Before we get into the story we wanted to give you a teaser of the folks we met along the way through this amazing state.

We hope this has whetted your appetite to come back and experience the stories told through words, photographs, videos & sounds.

  1. Sharon, Leadership2Mommyship

    While I live in Arizona, I love traveling through the East Coast. Beautiful area and friendly people. I am just returning from a trip to Georgia (my home state) and Florida. I will tell you so many people stop and have time for a smile. 🙂

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    • usathroughoureyes

      We haven’t been to Arizona yet but it certainly is on our desire list. It is nice you have visited the east coast and can relate to the regions we are exploring. In a few weeks we are setting out to explore Tennessee. After that Georgia. We’ve only been through Georgia and short stop overs so are looking forward to feasting on it beauty. We’ll be spending Christmas again this year touring Florida. It is so nice having you along with us Sharon and that you have that desire to travel too. We are enjoying your site immensely.

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      • Sharon, Leadership2Mommyship

        Ahhh…you have to come to Arizona some time. We do have the Grand Canyon after all. Since most days involve sunshine, you’re sure to take some amazing photos. 🙂 And Georgia is lovely of course! Have you ever tried boiled peanuts? I am thinking you have, but that is a must try if not. Thank you so much for your compliment–from you both! 😉

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      • usathroughoureyes

        We’ll make it there someday soon for sure. As for the boiled peanuts maybe its an acquired taste and one day we’ll acquire it, lol. But there is plenty of other Georgia cuisine we know we’ll love.

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  2. Laina Eartharcher

    Omg I love that region!! I’ve only seen pictures but would like to actually visit someday. Can I (virtually) tag along? I’ll make myself useful; maybe I can be the Map Chick; or I’ve also been known for my restaurant-choosing prowess 😉😁😁💓💓

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  3. DGHDelgado

    Thank you for that video teaser. And Yes I hope to tune in more. I’m from the States but haven’t lived there for quite some time. What you’re doing is beneficial for all us stuck somewhere else and missing home. Thank you!

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