Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. http://www.usathroughoureyes.com

Tom, Audrey and Emma bid you a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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46 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Woof, woof. I love camo. Makes me feel like I’m invisible out there searching for critters to chase. I bet you’re handsome with that hood flapping around. Good thing us doggies don’t need glasses like our peoples do. I’ll have to send you the pic of me with my reading glasses and tie on. Makes me feel aristocratic at times, woof woof.

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  2. HI Dennis. I’m glad ya liked the deely boppers. Kinda keeps my ears out of my eyes and the green is a nice contrast against my chocolate coat. I think I got some Irish in me somewhere in my ancestry. Woof for now.


  3. She’s a sweetie indeed! Y’all are very lucky to have each other; very very happy for you! 🎉🎊💘

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  4. Mostly. My favorite is my Army Jacket – with camo on the flip side. But it is too warm to wear unless it’s really really cold outside. The raincoat is an embarrassment and has a stupid little hood that falls down to cover my eyes – but at least Mom doesn’t make me wear hats and my face is too little for glasses — and I am sooooo glad!
    Woof! Tink

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  5. You mean you got one of them silly coats too. I’m forever rolling all over trying to get that thing off me. I’ll wear a hat and my sunglasses but I draw the lines on coats, woof, woof. I hope at least your mom picks manly colors for you?

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  6. Aww, how precious!! Very sweet dog 😊

    Thank you for bringing me a big smile ❤️

    Cheers to y’all!
    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer/Laina 🌟🌟

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  7. Wow Tink you were hanging with a pitbull. We have one in the neighborhood and he’s always growling at me. My dad and mom think I’m scared but really I’m just protecting them from behind. It was a great St. Patty’s day here. Wish the weather was a little nicer though.


  8. Thanks Emma. We went to a party at my Cheers bar and I met a whole bunch of new fans. I even got introduced to Spike, a pitbull whose Dad manages the place for me. I usually bark at other dogs, but once Mom and that Dad got me to settle down, he turned out to be pretty nice.

    It was SO great that God stopped the freezing rain long enough that I could get in a walk too. It was a GREAT day! I hope you all got to do something fun.
    Woof! TINK

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  9. What a great story Theresa. We can just picture you two carrying Tove and Asher across the way all the while being licked. Dogs seem to exhibit their love so openly and are appreciative of everything.

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  10. Oh, Emma is such a character. I love hearing about her. My son (Leslie) had dogs – Tovi, a black long-legged running dog (maybe part malamute) and Asher, a Chow-Shepherd mix. I remember he and I took Asher for a walk, maybe in the last year he was alive, and we were out on BLM land (in Central Oregon where he lived), so she was running off-leash. Suddenly she became lame in a rear leg, and it turned out she had probably strained it stopping short before a canal. She could not walk on it. We actually lugged her probably 3/4 mile over broken terraine back to the car. 70 # of dog. Leslie held the front, I held the rear – we had no pack or anything with us – and she kept licking us, as if to say, I’m sorry! I wish I could walk! She eventually recovered (although it was a while). 🙂 They were great dogs, Tovi and Asher.

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  11. LOL. Emma is so funny to watch. When we are out shooting we keep her on the leash and when we stop she calmly sits down until we are done photographing whatever it is. When we are done, we unleash her as sort of a treat and get some shots of her running and chasing the wind. If she sees us pointing the camera at her she seems to become more animated. She makes us smile. When we had our kitties they were so much more composed as if to say “we know we are beautiful so why are you taking pictures”, lol.

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  12. She is so funny. We started putting different cloths items on her awhile ago and she just sits there letting us do it. What a dog. She seems to enjoy anything and everything as long as she can be with us, lol.

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  13. It’s real Irish, and I like the quote they use – May you be in Haven, before the Devil knows you’re Dead – My little dog, a Yorkie send her greetings to Emma 😉

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  14. Thank you Ann. Emma will love the bone. We were just talking the other day about the origins of St. Patrick’s day and how and why it became what it is today. When I was in Ireland for a month they didn’t really celebrate it there. Be safe and thank you for stopping in.


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