Cheat River Tributary Waterfalls

As we began our travels on Day 3 of our journey to Florida, as usual we stayed off the main highways as we headed south through West Virginia. We decided to follow the Cheat River and as we made our way along this beautiful waterway we didn’t know its history and the incredible comeback to life it had made after a couple of back-to-back mining accidents in the ‘90’s. We are blessed that folks took action and had ways to clean it up. This video is of one of the lovely waterfalls of a tributary making its way to the river just a bit north of Rowlesburg, WV. Looking back, it’s interesting to note that it happened to be right next to what appeared to be an abandoned mine shaft.

~ Enjoy ~ Audrey


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13 thoughts on “Cheat River Tributary Waterfalls

  1. Unfortunately, yesterday, an executive order was passed to allow coal miners to go back to dumping sludge into the WV waterways. ByeBye EPA! But I like seeing these beautiful photos and knowhingthat maybe people will see videos like this, experiencing the beauty of nature and come together to save our water.

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