Yoda Has Something to Say In Defense of Being Hairless! ~ By Emma ~

Yoda http://www.usathroughoureyes.com

Wooof, wooooof!  You canines may remember my September 11th, d’log where I mentioned my people daddies brother John and his wife Ericka noted their kat, the one that has no hairs read my d’log.  Well, I just got a note from Yoda meowing up a storm.  I ain’t heard whinning like that since that time when that kat with the long tail mistakingly went in that room full of people in wheel chairs.  Well, anyway, Yoda went on to let me know that God made a few purrfect cats and that she is hairless so everyone can see just how beautiful she is.  She did make some good points though.  I had to woof, woof at her questions about how I know when I need a bath cuz I’m brown.  Well that’s a good question but its an easy one to answer.  I know when when I start to have little odor.  She meowed that her peeps give her a bath every week in the bath tub and that’s so she don’t smell like an ole hound dog.  Woof, I go swimming all the time and that’s how I get my bath.  In fact did you see the video where taught that doggie how to swim (create hotlink for mac swimming).  Yoda also meowed that if and when she gets a flea her people mommie, Ericka can see it and squish it immediately because a black flea can’t hide on a pink body. 

Yoda and her people mommie Ericka
Yoda and her people mommie Ericka http://www.usathroughoureyes.com

As far as your question Yoda girl about my belly, well, I would like you to know I have a pretty pink belly.  It must be hard not wanting to curl up near a window cuz you could get a sunburn on your no-hair body, w.o.l.  I get to sleep in the sun all I want and I even can roll around in the dirt…. Can you, w.o.l.  That makes me howl that you sleep under a blanket and not on one like us canines do.  Only peoples sleep under blankets, w.o.l.  And yes, I do like to play in the snow cuz my hair keeps me dry and warm.  If you had hair you too could sleep on top of the covers like us dwags and chase snow balls, w.o.l.  I know you and me are different but I think I like you and I haven’t even met you yet.  You got grit for a kat.  You might like cuddling up to me like you did with that Blond Labrador friend you mentioned knowing when you waz a kitten.  It made me woof that it gave you a bath with one lick of it’s tongue.  Maybe when we get together we can play chase the Frisbee or something and if you get sweaty I will give ya a bath okay.  Oh wait, kats cant play Frisbee can they, w.o.l., w.o.l.! 


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