Figuring This Thing Out Called Blogging and the Web and the “Follow” Button ~ By Tom ~

Hello There,

As we may have mentioned before we are learning everyday about this new thing in our life called blogging and managing a website.  We cannot thank you enough for your patience as we figure things out.  Well we have been getting some emails from family and friends noting they couldn’t see a button to click on in order to be able to follow our website and blog postings.  So last night after we got camp set up we went in to the workings of our WordPress site and flipped some switches and toggled some gizmo’s and think we solved the issue.

So, when you sign in to the home page of our site will show “Follow” in the lower right of the screen.  Just click on it and now you will be notified whenever we make a new post.  Also from there you can click on “articles, links, photos videos, audio, and quotes” to view the material.  So as an example say you click on “Articles“.  When you do you’ll be able to read the intro and when you get to the spot that says “read more” just click on it.  You will then get the rest of the article.  Now,

  • at the bottom of the article you will see a line that says “rate this” with some stars. You can then click on the number of stars that fit your liking and that will let us know if you like it,
  • you can click on “share” to email the “article” or print it,
  • below that you will see “like“.  You can click on this and it will note that you like what you are looking at,
  • below that it will show some other articles or “post” as they call it in the blogging world that you can click on to read,
  • now if you scroll down to the bottom you will see “leave a reply“.  If you want to leave a comment on the article, then click there.  When you click there a little pull down window appears where you will need to put your e-mail address and below that your first and last name.  This is required to leave a comment so we know who’s looking. You don’t have to put anything in the website section unless you have a website.  Then you can type your comment that everyone signing in will be able to see.
  • below the pull down window you will see two more phrases
    • notify me of new comments” which if you check the box each time comments are made you will be notified via email or
    • notify me of new post” which if you check the box each time we post something you will get an email letting you know.

When you are done doing this just click on the button that says “Post Comment“.

There you have it or at least I think we covered everything.  Oh one more thing.  The folks at WordPress note that if you are on a smart phone the “follow” button does not show so you will just have to keep signing on to see what’s new.  Sorry about that.  Again we are depending on you to let us know okay.  Thanks again to everyone out there looking in and or following us on So far we have lots of viewers in the USA, Switzerland, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, France, and South Korea.  It’s awesome see how people connect.  It’s all because of you.

Tom, Audrey and Emma


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

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