Granny’s Griddle ~ By Audrey and Tom ~

Granny's GriddleGood morning you all.  We just stopped by “Granny’s Griddle” here in Muskegon Michigan and what a fantastic place.  Just “google” the name and surely you’ll make it one of your favorites.  Our waitress had a smile that made us feel so welcome.  We mentioned having Emma waiting in the car and asked if she would be able to pack it up to go and without hesitation she said “you got it”.  Our waitress, Stacey, Audrey and Stacey filled our coffee cups with some of the best coffee in a 50-mile radius as we sat back and enjoyed the fellowship that only small town eateries can offer.  Before you know it Stacy, Audrey and I were talking like we had known each other for years.  Now this is what I call a good time.  It’s also exciting knowing she’ll be following us on our journey.Granny's Griddle


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