Leading The Way ~ Emma~

Emma Waking UpHello there fellow canines and peoples.  Wow, what a time we are having, only a day on the road and I’m having a tail wagging time for sure.  I don’t know what my peoples would do if they hadn’t brought me on this journey.  It has taken a lot of my doggie sense to keep them focused.  In my mind I’m woofing a lot about the jokes peoples make about “keeping their nose to the ground” because if it wasn’t for me doing so they would have tripped several times because they are looking all over the place and not where they are going.  I’ve heard them remark about me getting under their feet but if only they knew I do it intentionally so its makes them quickly look at me and not trip.  Ahh the responsibility we dawgs have!!!!!  Anyway, after getting my peoples settled in their sleeping bags I settled in mine Emma Crashes After Busy Dayand I slept like those possums you see on the sides of the road, wol.  When I got up at 6 I helped my people dad make coffee and settled in for my morning “pro-plan plus”.  My people mommy keeps telling my people daddy that he’s giving me to much food because I’m getting a little wide in the hips.  Thank goodness he sneaks me a little more in my bowl cause I’m burning those calories taking care them.  I’m just hoping I don’t put too much weight on though because I want to be able to get into my outfits that I got for this journey.  I can’t wait to show you some of em so you’ll have to keep signing in to my “dlog” (they call it a blog) to see.  Anyway what a handsome German Shepherd by the name “Broddie”, that I met this morning while I was enjoying the cool morning breeze.  My peoples were having a great conversation with their peoples as Brodie and I were sniffing each’s “petigreed” (you know… the sniffing thing).  For a minute I reflected back on the time earlier this summer when I taught my bestest friend “Mack” how to swim.  Anyway, Boddie lives here in Michigan and was telling me all about his peoples and how he keeps them on track with their busy schedules taking care of his peoples Dani, Trent, Cooper, Eli and Caleb.  Well, I gotta go for my morning walk and play “toss the bone” with my people daddy.  We’ll bark later.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

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