Practice ~ Practice

We did a test run of setting up the tent with all our gear ~ it went pretty smoothly ~ we only forgot a couple of stakes ~ “Lesson learned!”


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10 thoughts on “Practice ~ Practice

  1. Yes, we had to set up camp and entrench around our tents when on maneuvers. I’ve written only a little about that time. I think after two years of blogging, I need to fix my menu categories to make it easier for people to read what they may be interested in. Although Roxie D. aka The Other Cat seems to be the most popular.

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  2. What an experience it was. The practice came into play on our 30 trek across the USA. We got into a rhythm which paid off on those nights we rolled into a campground late in the evening. You must have practiced these drills too when in the Army Reserves. Wow, you have such a wonderful and eclectic past of activities. Share, Share Share. We need to hear.

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