Tarpon Springs Highlights ~ Day 13

This morning after photographing the sunrise on the nearby causeway, we found the colors were bright everywhere we looked in Tarpon Springs, FL, where we stopped for some coffee.


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15 thoughts on “Tarpon Springs Highlights ~ Day 13

  1. well you noted exactly what I experience in the garden – so many God talks and sunshine with the Son shine….
    and please keep my brother and his wife in your prayers – the loss is hardest for them.
    have a nice week and peace to you.


  2. It is great to hear from you and that you are okay. We are sorry to hear of the loss of your nephew and glad there is peace coming to you through the connection with old friends and cousins. Its always good to play in the soil a bit and seeing the fruits of your efforts shooting upward toward the Son. A break is so important as a season. We’ll be here when you return.

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  3. thanks – it really has a been a sweet break… well sad at times over the loss of my nephew – but the fruits of his loss has been getting back in touch with old friends and connecting with more cousins and all that –
    also – son had a great end to his sports season, I am gardening this year – just a bit – and well, so many blessings – oh and I was feeling God nudging me to pause for a while, I finally listened – I used to take off every summer but skipped last year – and well, I think that for some of us – a seasonal break is essential.
    ok – have a nice week and peace

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