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Hello everyone. Today we wanted to share with you a link to our USA Through Our Eyes Vimeo site  where you can watch our many videos we have created. We hope you enjoy these creations and return in the future to see what else we have been working on. So, until next time be safe and keep looking up.


~ USA Through Our Eyes ~ Stories Told Through Words, Photographs, Videos and Sound

11 thoughts on “USA Through Our Eyes On Vimeo

  1. Truly, some of the most sharing testimonies are the ones that show the steadfast presence of the Lord in the midst of the most turbulent of trials, no? As that classic hymn says, “whatever my lot Thou hast taught me to say, it is well, it is well with my soul!”

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  2. Awesome Daily Thankful. As we were reading your post it reminded us so of the folks we met and continue to meet that have endured the “storms” of life. The family we met, helped and recorded in the days after the hurricane attribute their getting through because of faith.

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  3. We can’t wait for you to reveal this project for all to enjoy. We can relate to the fatigue of giving birth to a project that requires all our heart. Hold in there because winners never quit and YOU are a winner.

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  4. You are too modest by far, Audrey and Tom! You definitely have kindness and ears to listen, but you also have extraordinary photography, storytelling, and editing skills. But hats off to you for recognizing you’ve been blessed — because I think that may be the secret of happiness. As for me, all is well, thank you! I’ve been working on a huge writing project since February and am frankly a bit burned out. Hopefully my mojo will return soon. Until then, I’ll be content to catch up on all of your wonderful videos.

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  5. Heide, this is such a wonderful gift you have given us of these kind words. One never knows the folks you’ll meet along life’s path and all it takes is a kind hello and ears to listen. Each time someone like the folks in this video shares with us we walk away truly the ones having been blessed. We hope you are well and are looking forward to reading of you more.

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  6. What wonderful news! I very, very much look forward to catching up on your videos. As a treat I just watched your story about the aftermath of Hurricane Michael and have to compliment you both on some of the best reporting and storytelling i’ve seen in a while. Just extraordinary!

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